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 * [[|UDS-R]], Copenhagen - Denmark

Who I am

I graduated in Management Engineer with Electronic specialization at "Università di Udine".

How I am involved in Ubuntu (and in GNU/Linux also)

My main contribution in Ubuntu is translating,testing releases, reporting and triaging bugs and helping users in "Answers". I usually focus on translations/review of Ubuntu packages as well as Ubuntu/Xubuntu documentation and Package Descriptions.I also mantain several upstream packages coming from the Translation Project and GNOME.

I usually do translations/review of Ubuntu packages as well as Ubuntu/Xubuntu documentation and Package Descriptions.I also mantain several upstream packages coming from the Translation Project and GNOME.

I'm an administrator of the Italian Testing Team that helps Ubuntu QA Team testing ISO images of the development release, I personally test ISO milestone and Desktop Applications for Ubuntu/Xubuntu Desktop and Netbook Edition. I set up (officially started with Lucid Alpha 3) the "testcase and milestone based" Laptop Testing project within both the Italian Testing Team and the Ubuntu QA Team. From Natty Beta 1 reports are made using the Laptop Tracker. Some blueprints about this testing stuff has been discussed at UDS-M and UDS-N.

The last blueprint (which I proposed for UDS-N) have led me to work on the implementation of the Laptop Testing in the QA Tracker, that has officially started from Natty Beta 1 as already reported before.

My work on bugs, as ubuntu-bugcontrol member, is primarly focalized on Desktop, Kernel and translations issue, I help reporting/triaging bugs, find duplicates (among other things, I helped kernel team triaging/closing out EOL release kernel bugs, all the Edgy and Gusty ones, some Feisty one). I also provided some patches bug #172353 (human-icon-theme),bug #172353 (gnome-icon-theme), bug #334345,bug #517012,bug #623300 (mobile broadband info) and 394071 (system-config-printer).

I give help to Answer Tracker (here ) and I usually make submissions to the Hardware Database concerning installations I made (to friends or other people).

I also collaborate on the Ubuntu CD project in the Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team, providing copies of Ubuntu CDs and stickers for Italian people that don't have a broadband Internet connection. (wiki and blueprint)

Ubuntu Meetings

I partecipated in the follows Italian Ubuntu Meeting:

and in these UDS meetings:

  • UDS-M, Bruxelles - Belgium

  • UDS-N, Orlando - Florida (remotely)

  • UDS-R, Copenhagen - Denmark

Plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the future

  • Trying to have Ubuntu fully translated into Italian
  • Trying to improve the Ubuntu experience keep on doing bugs triage
  • Learn Python
  • Promote Ubuntu more and more....

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

Sergio has done some great work helping close out Gutsy kernel bugs. +1 from ogasawara

I have met Sergio in the last Italian meeting and he's a kind guy who provided substantial contribution to our community. He's also a very reliable person. Highly recommended for the membership. PaoloSammicheli

I work with Sergio everyday, he does a terrific work as translator, bug reporter and tester. Absolutely, he deserves the membership! -- quadrispro 2009-05-11 19:29:26

Sergio is extremely active on the Italian Translation Team, doing a great work and helping to fix translation bug with many upstream project. bugman

Sergio is a good member of ubuntu community, works hard everyday with italian translators and italian devs. -- l3on 2009-05-11 20:33:59

I've had the pleasure to meet Sergio during last Italian meeting, he is a cool person to work with. He's involved in several aspects of Ubuntu such as translations, documentation and bug triaging. A very positive contribution. LucaFalavigna

Sergio is a hard worker within the Italian translators community, we met at our last Italian meeting in Bologna, he is a kind and cool person. I highly recommend him for the membership. -- milo 2009-05-12 07:51:22

I would like to sponsor Sergio for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a great translator. -- hattory 2009-05-12 11:31:24


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