• Describe Sergios T.S. aka linuxman here.
  • I start using Linux for Server since June 2002 and like a Desktop start Using when I heard and saw in the practice Ubuntu Linux Desktop from version Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog)
  • Now I use in home In work Ubuntu Dapper & Feisty and I like it.

  • I setup Double Boot 30 PC's in our Computer Lab.(University of Macedonia . Department of Economics.)
  • And 3 month ago start setup PC's with Double Boot Ubuntu in PDP Lab University of Macedonia Department of Informatics.
  • PDP LAB ,

  • Now we use many PC in PDP LAB with Ubuntu Dapper,Edgy Eft ,Feisty Fawn , Dapper Drake we user For Desktop and Testing Servers .

contact me econlab (at)


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