• Launchpad Entry: server-maverick-apport-hooks

  • Created: 2009-11-23

  • Contributors: ChuckShort

  • Packages affected: autofs, apache, openldap, rsyslog, clamav, dovecot, nut, openvpn, spamassasin, postfix.


Continue the work we were doing with apport hooks for server packages we were doing in lucid. Providing more coverage and improving the quality of the bug reports.


In order to improve the quality of bug reports, we are going to include apport hooks on selected server related packages. The packages that were selected have high usage and have lots of bug open for them in launchpad.

User stories

  • Jonah has opened a bug report for samba in Launchpad. However it does not contain enough information, Bob has asked Jonah to run apport-collect to get more information.
  • Bubba has reported a bug in samba, Kenny as a bug triager opens a bug in the samba bug tracker with all the required information.


User will have apport installed on their server.



  • maps
  • Relevant errors in syslog
  • dmesg


  • Apache config files
  • Modules that they have loaded
  • log file


  • log files
  • config files (remove sensitive information)


  • config file
  • Relevant log files


  • config files (remove sensitive information)
  • log files


  • config files
  • log files


  • config files
  • log files


  • config files (remove sensitive information)
  • log files


  • config file (remove sensitive information)
  • logfile
  • email headers


  • config file
  • hostname check
  • logfiles

Code Changes

The debian packages will be changed to include the apport hooks for the server packages.

Test/demo plan

  1. Use APPORT_STAGING=1 ubuntu-bug <package> to report a test bug to without cluttering production LP with test bugs

  2. Confirm that the test bug includes the appropriate fields and attachments as specified here

Dump of notes from Gobby

- Apache (*)
  * Apache config files (ask the user)
  * Modules they have loaded
  * log
- openldap (*)
  * log files
  * config files (ask the user) (remove sensitive info)
- rsyslog
  * config file ask the user
- clamav
  * config files (string out sensitive info)
  * logfiles
- dovecot (*)
  * config files
  * log files
- nut
  * config file
  * log files
- openvpn
  * config file (strip out sensitive info)
  * logfile
- spamassasin
  * config file (strip out sensitive)
  * logfile
  * email headers
- postfix
  * config file
  * hostname check
 - tomcat6 
  == actions ==
  carlos to submit patch to pitti for gdb trac


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