• Launchpad Entry: server-maverick-daily-vcs

  • Created: 2010-05-21

  • Contributors: ChuckShort,

  • Packages affected: memcache, varnish, drizzle, php, libvirt, nagios, munin, opennms, openldap, corosync, pacemaker, drbd, rhcs


Server daily builds provide a user or a developer a way to test upstream versions before they are included in Ubuntu. As a user it allows users to test new features before they reach Ubuntu. As a developer, it provides a way of testing fixes before they can be integrated into Ubuntu.


Server daily builds provide both the user and a developer a way to test new upstream versions before they are included in Ubuntu. This is especially important by providing a way to:

  • Test upstream bug fixes
  • Provide feedback to upstream
  • Checking for regressions before they reach Ubuntu.

User stories

  • Carl is a Ubuntu user who wants to test the latest php5 version for the new crack feature before it reaches Ubuntu. Carl adds the Ubuntu Server Dailies PPA on his test server to try it out based on his testing, Carl submits bugs upstream.
  • Methuselah is a Ubuntu developer who wants Ubuntu User Abu, to test to see if their bug is fixed in the upstream of varnish before trying to find the commit which fixes the bug. Methuselah asks Abu to add the Ubuntu Server Dailies PPA so that the bug fix can be tested, Abu acknowledges that the bug has been fixed and Methuselah integrates the fix into Lucid.


Selection of packages

The packages that were selected are the following:

  • memcache
  • varnish
  • drizzle
  • php,
  • libvirt
  • nagios
  • munin
  • opennms
  • openldap
  • corosync
  • pacemaker
  • drbd
  • rhcs

Launchpad group/PPA

Similar to the xorg-edgers group a launchpad group will be created in order to use the PPA system in order to distribute the daily server packages. An option to keep each source in their own PPA is also in consideration.

Bzr branches

Bzr branches will be used to keep track of the changes to the the debian/ directory.

bzr builder

Bzr builder uses recipes in order to build dailies. This will be the basis of Daily Server packages, the recipes will be kept in a bzr branch as well

Upstream source

Daily server builds will use existing launchpad tools to import upstream code into bzr trees in order to keep track of them.

Unresolved issues

The unresolved issues are the following:

  • Which packages are we going to leave for the community to contribute to?
  • When will launchpad do the automated daily builds.

BoF agenda and discussion

daily vcs - Agenda

- in main

- new packages to add:
 - cloud workloads
   * memcache
   * varnish
   * drizzle
   * php
  - virtualization
   * libvirt
  - monitoring:
   * nagios
   * munin
   * opennms
  - other:
   * openldap
   * nginx
   * cluster infrastructure
    - corosync
    - pacemaker (in universe, but should go to main soon)
    - drbd
    - rhcs

- Adding Documentaion
- Get statistics
- Moving it to the data center or launchpad
- Automation
- Reporting bugs against the package in launchpad or the project?

- Use upstream snapshots when available


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