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  • Created: May 18, 2011

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The most insurmountable security objection to LXC, so far, has been that containers share a kernel with the host. Therefore most kernel vulnerabilities in the host can be exploited by a container.

seccomp2 has been proposed by the Google chrome team as an extension to seccomp to facilitiate specifying the list of system calls which a process and its children can use. LXC can use this to blacklist new system calls which, historically, will have security vulnerabilities and not be needed by many container workloads.

Seccomp2 will of course also be useful for full workload sandboxing. As such, we would also like to package (or write, should the community not do it) a general wrapper tool for sandboxing untrusted (i.e. downloaded from the net) applications.

Release Note

Ubuntu has extended support for sandboxing untrusted applications. Containers can now be isolated from dangerous and sensitive syscalls.

It is mandatory.


User stories


seccomp2 is accepted - or on its way to being accepted - in the upstream kernel.


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UI Changes

The lxc per-container configuration files will need to support a lxc.syscall type statement for specifying system call black- or whitelists.

Code Changes

Linux kernel will need the seccomp2 patchset, either from upstream or, if it is not yet in Linus' tree, from patchset from the mailing list.

LXC will need code to exploit seccomp2.

A new package would configure seccomp2 before starting a specified (untrusted) program.

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