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Server Team - Proposed Migration Notes

This collects notes and findings from the server team's proposed migration page for the current development release. This page lists packages that are stuck in proposed due to a variety of issues, some of which are in-scope for the server team, others of which may have broader causes.

Blocked Packages

Below are the server team's collective guesses as to what's going on with some of the packages listed as .


Pacemaker has been stuck for a while. Andreas believes the current blockage is due to python3.8. He somewhat traced it down to: pacemaker -> pacemaker-resource-agents -> resource-agents -> cluster-glue -> python3.8 -> libpython3.8-stdlib -> libffi

2020-02-12: Passes on everything but i386 now. Migration is blocked because of that.





Appears part of python2 work? cjwatson appears to be giving attention to this.






Regarding samba, Andreas had to merge two i386 hints (for samba/i386 and tdb/i386), trigger rebuilds after ldb/talloc/tdb were uploaded, and kick new test runs with specific triggers to sort out tdb runs with plinth and samba itself.

<andreas 2020-01-30> The samba stack is done (samba, sssd, ldb, talloc, tdb) wrt the python 3.8 transition.


sssd has an FTBFS with python3.8, which Andreas started to troubleshoot last night (Mon Jan 27, 2020) and will continue today. That rebuild needs to work to unblock all of this.

<andreas 2020-01-30> This is fixed.


Missing build for i386. Depends on python3-defaults.


Depends on python3-defaults


ldb is stuck because of python3-defaults, which still has many reds.


From log, looks like there was a timeout at 84% done while the test was running, following main.perror. The previous run failed similarly but at 92% following test case main.subselect.

Guessing this needs an adjustment to allow for longer running tests, or to shorten the test run?


Failure on i386

Appears due to unmet dependencies for gcc:i386 and make:i386

This is likely fixable by replacing the test dependencies on gcc and make with a test dependency on build-essential (the autopkgtest cross-test implementation special-cases build-essential, mapping it to build-essential:native + crossbuild-essential-$arch:native).







Current Transitions Notes

* php7.4 transition upcoming, but hasn't started yet * ruby transition upcoming, but hasn't started yet

Cluster Stack Transition

There may be some residual items from this migration.

Python 2 Deprecation

Doko writes, "One more update, the unversioned python packages are now gone in focal. There will be some cleanup to do for NBS and build dependencies. A more complete follow-up will be sent next week. I removed a lot of packages from focal to get this done. Apologies if that affects any derivative. Please contact me on irc or via email to restore those package. However I don't have the resources to actively port these packages to Python3."

Python 3.8 Transition

These items appear blocked due to the python 3.8 transition.

On Focal tests related to python Christian has seen a zillion of these "/usr/lib/python3.8/ RuntimeWarning: line buffering (buffering=1) isn't supported in binary mode, the default buffer size will be used". None in server packages, but some cleanup for that is likely to follow.


Final Notes

The proposed migration list is highly volatile; packages come and go on a regular basis. So, if this page's last update is more than a few days ago it is probably outdated. If it hasn't been updated in a few weeks, it's probably obsolete. (And if it hasn't been updated in a few months, please feel free to delete it since it's evidently no longer used.)

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