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  • Launchpad Entry: servercloud-p-hadoop

  • Created: 2011-10-24

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Release Note

Ubuntu now features Apache Hadoop - a software platform that lets one easily write and run applications that process vast amounts of data


Apache Hadoop has gained widespread adoption; the various flavours of Hadoop appear to be consolidating and Cloudera have transferred a number of their Hadoop related projects to Apache including Bigtop (the Cloudera packaging for Redhat, Debian and SuSE).

Packaging Hadoop for Ubuntu would help support developing a set of rock solid Juju charms for Hadoop by providing a well integrated version of the packaging for Ubuntu.

Collaboration with Apache Bigtop would also potentially help support packaging the wider family of Hadoop related projects.

User stories

Marcos has been tasked with setting up a new Hadoop compute cluster to support log analysis of this companies website activity; He is able to quickly and easily deploy Apache Hadoop on his companies internal Cloud using Juju with packages that come directly from the Ubuntu archives (as mandated by his companies IT policy).

Natalie wants to setup a Hadoop cluster; she's not able to use Juju and a public cloud due to the existing infrastructure policies and design in place at her organisation but she is able to deploy the required packages directly from the Ubuntu archive.


  • Ubuntu will package Apache Hadoop (rather than one of the various variants).
  • Packaging will align to Apache Bigtop (based on the most popular upstream packaging)
  • Packaging will focus on the most recent stable release of Hadoop.
  • Configuration methods should take into account integration with configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef
  • The majority of Java dependencies can be fulfilled through what is already in the archive (see hadoop-dependency-report.tar.gz)

    • kfs - this can be excluded to disable this feature but does not look like that much work to package.
    • Apache ftpserver would be required to enable smoke testing - again looks OK to package.
  • Focus will be on a solid Hadoop core with contrib packages if time permits.
    • Most dependencies are already in the archive apart from thrift.
  • Native integrations must be part of the packaging.
  • Packages will target universe for this release.


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