What is MySQL?

MySQL is open source software for TODO

Who maintains MySQL in Ubuntu?

The MySQL software and packaging is maintained TODO

Requesting Additional Features

The standard procedure for requesting additional features or changes to a package is to open a bug and make sure it is marked as a feature request, to mark as a Wishlist item. Any deviation from this is documented below.

Enablement of a Core (upstream provided) feature

The standard procedure for requesting additional features that are provided as a part of the pure source code from MySQL is to file a bug.

Bug Triage Guidelines

For the most part, standard triage rules apply. There are several special-case issues which have different handling processes, however, detailed below.

Common issues seen in triage are:

  • upgrade fails due to feature being set in conf that is no more supported
  • install fails due to other mysql running on port e.g out of archive
  • ...

For these we tag triage bugs in mysql. Those represent the most common cases and if you think you found one you already heard of you might check there and either copy the reply or dup to them as applicable.

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