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== Contribution == = Contribution =
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== Testimonials ==
= Testimonials =

Who is Severity1

I am a 21 year old computer enthusiast from the Philippines. I first started using Ubuntu on the day they released Gutsy, My first Linux experience too. I gradually started doing most of my stuff on Ubuntu. Sometimes I post stuff on Ubuntu Forums, Then I stumbled upon #ubuntu and there I started helping others whenever I can (well mostly I suggest stuff to other ubuntu users.).

What keeps me busy

  • Read LPIC materials (going after their certification.)
  • Testing ebox-platform servers on my ubuntu server + virtualbox (pure cli approach, will do a tutorial about
    • this soon.)
  • Exploring text editing using the legendary Vim! (Currently doing vimtutor)
  • Exploring the world of python together with my master LeAstrale. (he is younger than me.)


  • Open Systems
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Ebox-Platform
  • Vector graphics using Inkscape
  • Hang-out at #ubuntu, #ubuntu-beginners, ##beginners-dev, #ubuntu-folding and #ubuntu-learning
  • Helping others
  • Learning new stuff


  • I spend most of my time in #ubuntu, observing, helping and learning from others.
  • Currently folding@home for the greater good.


No Testimonials yet. Please edit this section if you want to post some comment about this guy.

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