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Contact Information

About Shane Lofgren (slofgren)

In 2003 I completed my Cisco Certified Network training and course work. Since then I have been working professionally as an IT network and system administrator. I have held a couple IT Manager positions and currently operate an IT Consulting company. I have been using Linux since 2000.

Ubuntu Involvement

I have been using Ubuntu since 4.10's initial release. I have installed 10+ Ubuntu servers for clients. I have taught several advanced Linux classes using Ubuntu as the training environment. Ubuntu's stability, quick updates and small download has kept me returning for years now.

  • Ubuntero
  • Hand out CDs during Regular attendance at local Arizona LUG meetings and install fests
  • Recommending Ubuntu where possible in consulting with businesses or individuals

Ubuntu Arizona Loco

  • Ubuntu Arizona Loco Team Member since 2007
  • Server Team Admin

  • Donated two servers for the team's use
  • Setup hosting for local LUG on Team Server
  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Active in IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az
  • Attendance at the 2008 ABLEconf

Ubuntu Oklahoma Loco

  • Joined on 2009-02-21
  • Active in IRC channel #ubuntu-us-ok
  • Desiring to help OK become an official team
  • Offering resources from Arizona team to help promote their needs

Ubuntu Goals

  • To ensure we have a stable server environment for the team and to share with LUGs in Arizona.
  • Stay active in Team IRC channel and offer assistance
  • Continue to hand out install disks
  • Start an instructional class on teaching server IT admin and maintenance for the AZ loco
  • Work toward Ubuntu membership

  • Work toward Ubuntu Server Team membership

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