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Mail: Dolev at
 * Mail: Dolev at
 * Skype:
 * MSN:

Who I am

My name is Dolev I live in small suburb near outside of TLV.

In 18/06/09 I done my studies and now I'm going to learn "Machines Practical Engineers".

I'm work with Ubuntu from the first version and from the first sight I've the idea to build a Israeli home for the Ubuntu community. In 2005 I was the founder who do that.

Ubuntu and I ?!

So as I told you , since 2005 I'm the Israeli ubuntu moderator and from the 06's I'm work as the head of the Israeli LoCo team.

In the last years the Israeli community was success to attach to new users and now Ubuntu are one of the most interesting OS in Israel (and in all over the world!).

Contact me

Have a good day!

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