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Email: <simion314 AT SPAMFREE yahoo DOT com> Hi, my name is Simion Ploscariu, i am from Romania(Europe). My pasions are mathematics and programming. I like Linux and i use Ubuntu. I wabt to contribute to linux/Ubuntu by convincing people to try Ubuntu and by helping them to install and run it. My programming skils are medium and i use c# language on mono. Ubuntu is a greath OS and i am constantly writing in all topics i find about linux and Ubuntu that are getting better and better.

Now when Micro$oft had releaset an horible OS(Vista) we can promovate Ubuntu, using the 3D effects from compiz that are superior to windows Vista and have less resources requirements to run . If we convince the windows users to try Ubuntu they will install it(the problem is that after installation or on the live CD you must install codecs, flash to have a complete desktop.


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