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Simone Gotti

  • Gentoo developer (

  • Kdebluetooth developer.
  • I like to fix bugs in some projects like kde. I made various pactches like the ability for kppp to support multiple modems profiles.
  • Author (with Marco D'Itri) of the isapnp.rc hotplug scripts used also by ubuntu.

Joined the goodness of ubuntu (and kubuntu) and would be happy to help them improving this distro.

Contact Informations:

Email: simone DoT gotti At email dOt it

GnuPG key: 0x84B15FFF


  • kdebluetooth
  • abakus
  • metabar

You can find them here:

  • koffice (pre 1.4) CVS-20050331

You can find them here:

watch Files:

I'm trying to help more packagers to keep their package updated, adding watch files to the packages that doesn't have them.