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Update the 'Removable Drives and Media' window to use the same gui drop-down list style (with the 'custom' option) as the 'Preferred Applications' window.


It is important for new users to be able to switch between different applications in this window without having to enter command-line commands. For a normal user to currently switch to a different app requires that they search the web for the correct command and options to enter. They should just be able to select it from a drop-down list.

Use Cases

Bob likes F-Spot better than gThumb for managing photos, but when he plugs in his camera, it automatically asks to import them into gThumb. He goes to the Removable Drives and Media window, and selects F-Spot from the list under the Cameras tab.


Identical to the design currently implemented in Preferred Applications.

BoF agenda and discussion

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