About Me

I am a 24 year old University student with a full time job and loads of responsibility. I am an avid gamer, my favorite game series is the Unreal Tournament series. I also play a variety of other games, many of which don't work in Linux, but also spend a lot of time supporting the Ubuntu community. I am a member of the Utah Team as well as a nearly daily contributor to the #ubuntu and #kubuntu channels on (IRC). Occasional contributor to The Ubuntu Forums and a well respected team member at BeyondUnreal.

My history with Ubuntu

My first usage of Ubuntu came from a desire to build myself a server upon which I would be able to write a variety of web pages and host them on my home machine. This became quite a hobby for me, I went through many distributions, including Red Hat/Fedora, SuSE9 and 10, Morphix, Knoppix, Gentoo, and many more. After many attempts over several years (this began sometime in 2001/2002) I heard about something called "Warty". In late 2004, I began hunting around for this "Warty" Live CD that everyone was talking about. After a little digging, I learned that it was the Ubuntu 4.10 (?) release, "Warty Warthog". I downloaded it and, within the space of 30 minutes, had a working, running installation of Ubuntu, along with Apache, PHP, MySQL, SSH, FTP, and everything else I would need to run a server on the box. Needless to say, I was immediately sold.

The one thing I predominantly found wrong with every other distribution I found was 1) Lack of community/community support, and 2) Lack of tutorials that worked with the specific distribution. Upon attaching myself to the Ubuntu community, I found it very simple to find tutorials and guides on just about ANY topic that I could possibly want, configuring my server for virtual domains and email was very easy because of the great contributions of people in the community.

I love talking to people about K/Ubuntu and getting them excited about how great the software is. People at work seem to love Fedora, but all the time they are talking about all the problems they have with it. When they do, I simply smile and say "I did that in Ubuntu in about 5 seconds". Smile :)

As of this writing, I use Kubuntu on all of my machines except my Laptop, which has a 6gb hard drive in it (and I need XP on it :(). I can often be found in numerous places on (#ubuntu, #ubuntu-utah, ##javascript, #utah) and try my best to contribute to the forums and wiki whenever I have something worthwhile to do so.


  • My Public Key: B106DFC5
  • AIM: lordbrizz
  • Find me in the #ubuntu-utah channel on (Zerb_Riss or Sir_Brizz)

Community Contributions

UtahTeam Member

I just joined the UtahTeam and hope to be able to assist them in accomplishing their goals here in Utah. We help provide local support and education about Ubuntu for the state of Utah. For information about our team please see UtahTeam, Launchpad Team Page or our Home Page.

Wiki Contributions

None at this time

Ubuntu Forums

Just as a note, I'd like to thank the UtahTeam Founder and Owner, Christer, for this page layout.


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