Using this wiki page to save notes for later filing bugs:

DVD build: Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy Eft" - Release Candidate i386 (20061018)

  • Between usplash and desktop, the cursor shows.
  • while it's booting, I could see before the desktop went up an error about a device '.../paltform/i8042...' with the message 'wait for sysfs' or so. this broke usplash and made it never back before desktop appeared.
  • Had a USB drive plugged in before I booted the DVD live, when desktop came up there were two usb disk icons pointing at the same place. when I 'ejected' one of them the other turn to be broken and everytime I clicked at it it opened an annoying error window. when I manually mount the usbdrive again, the borken usbdrive icons remains, and a new /dev/sdb one appears. when I eject the broken one (which still erros when double clicked) it removes the /dev/sdb icon.

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