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= Skype =

Skype allows you to talk to other people. Technically, it's a proprietary, multi-user, peer-to-peer, voice-over-IP, buzz-word compliant media communication application, supplied as a binary package. Also it seems to ''just work'' and a huge number of other people have found this too.

== Bad News ==

 1. The Binary package is broken.
 1. Only Skype have the sources to fix it.

== Good News ==

 1. Save
 1. `sudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/skype_1.2.0.17-1_i386-fixed1.deb`
 1. `sudo apt-get -f install`

== Background ==

''The above is all the information you need, this is just for the curious, or the good people at Skype if they want to know how to fix their package!''

Skype put a dependency in on a CVS package that is actually called `libqt3-mt`. The following 1 line patch/change was made to the `control` file:


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