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I'm Smithveg, a web developer from Malaysia. I do interest in any web application and services, including website design, e-commerce solutions. 1th, April 2006, is the first day first day I learn the web application. The first thing that I do in April is an E-Commerce Systems. It's totally new to me. My supervisor keeps telling me,

  • Smith, you are the one! Smith, you can do anything that you want it to be!

So, I keeps studying thread and article from everywhere.

Until Oct, 2006. I had create about 6 website for clients. I can say that I had familiar in most of the web application. Furthermore, i do interest in the Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO). I had spend a lots of time in the SEO investigation and I have choose this topic for my college seminar presentation.

Before i moved into Linux/UNIX Environments

Before i moves into Linux/UNIX Environments. I had used a lots of Microsoft operating system, from Ms Dos Ver5.0, Ms Windows Ver3.1, Ms Windows 95, ME, XP. I am proud to say, 'I have played with Microsoft for a long long time'.

One day, my friends Tony who is currently working in Singapore. He introduce some linux operating system to me. He told me, 'Ubuntu is the most easy to start and learn it'. Immediately, i go into and looking for package download. At the mean time of Ubuntu downloading, i have order a CD. Seems so lucky, i receive the Ubuntu package at 13, Oct 2006. And start to do the installation by 21, Oct 2006.

Linux/UNIX environments is different from Microsoft operating system. It's hard to me to learn at the first time. After few days, I can only say 'Ubuntu is the best, fantastic, excellent'.


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