Revision 1 as of 2011-06-09 16:23:16

Clear message

This is a 99%-incomplete specification for how software channels and update settings should be configured in Ubuntu. Your help to implement any of this is welcome.

System Settings (gnome-control-panel) should contain a “Software & Updates” panel, with tabs for “Ubuntu Software”, “Other Software”, “Updates”, and “Authentication”. That is, it should be a direct port of software-properties-gtk.

Choosing a download server


In the “Ubuntu Software” tab, if mirrorbrainz has been implemented yet, the “Download from:” menu should begin with a “Fastest detected server” item (the default), then a separator. Regardless, the menu should then have a “Main server” item, an item for whatever custom server you have chosen (if any), a separator, and an “Other…” item which opens the dialog for choosing a different server.