Eric Honaker

Linux Experience

Eric has been an Ubuntu user since January, 2007. His first experience with using Linux came in 1993 and his use of Slackware. Since then, he has come and gone from Linux a few times. There have always been other users on his system, or work-related needs that have kept him tied to Windows in the past. This time around, he has moved to Ubuntu nearly 100%. Windows is still around for the time being, purely for the benefit of a couple of games that refuse to run under Wine.

He has never been a member or a LoCo or formal LUG before.

Ubuntu Community Contributions

  • I regularly spend time on the Ubuntu Forums answering any questions I can.

  • I have joined the MinnesotaTeam and am looking forward to meeting some more *buntu users in my area.

  • I do my best to point out the great points of Ubuntu and FOSS in general to my friends via my blog.

IT Experience

Eric has been involved in IT professionally since 1995. He has been a developer, a network administrator, a SOHO network consultant, a Windows server administrator, and an Inter- and Intranet app server administrator.

In addition to small firms and startups, he has worked for Legget & Platt, Wal-Mart, and Target.

He currently works for Northrop Grumman as a contractor assigned to the US Postal Service contract. He is a WebSphere Application Server admininstrator and J2EE developer. He also works freelance as a web designer.


Eric moved to the Twin Cities from Arkansas in 2000, and has lived in Burnsville, MN since 2001.

Contact Information

  • Email: <songwind AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

  • Jabber: songwind AT gmail DOT com


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