Hello, I'm Soumyadip Modak (b. 3rd August 1983), a resident of Kolkata, India. I've used Linux since 2000. I'm a member of the Kolkata Linux Users' Group, and have been a volunteer at the iLUG-Cal at the local computer fair Compass in 2003.

I am a developer in the Debian-IN team and am involved in Indic L10N/I18N, and am regularly found on the #indlinux channel on Freenode. I'm also a member of the Ankur Bangla project which is an Indo-Bangladeshi collaboration for L10N work in Bengali.

I first started using Ubuntu Warty just after it was released, and have been hooked ever since. However my involvement with the Ubuntu community has not been for as long as I'd have ideally wanted. My Launchpad page :

Update: I've been elected to the IndianTeam Council Memebrship. A very big Thank You to all who supported my candidature.

Debian/Ubuntu Work


I've added a few Aspell wordlists to the Debian repository for the languages Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, Oriya and Tamil. Gujarati remains to be packaged and Malayalam, Kannada and Assamese wordlists are being worked on by the respective L10N teams. The updated packages probably won't be available for Breezy Badger, but I hope to have a complete set of Aspell wordlists for Indic languages in Dapper Drake.

I also maintain ttf-indic-fonts, which provides all fonts required for supporting all Indic languages

I'm working with different people involved in L10N work for Ubuntu to integrate better support for Indic languages for 2 and Firefox 1.5. Along with [BaishampayanGhose], I helped to track down issues with the rendering. As this page shows, Firefox issue is solved, while 2 needs a patch to be applied to libicu to work properly. This patch is being worked upon.

As a member of the Xubuntu team, I'm looking after the Indic L10N support as Xubuntu Meeting Logs will show. I plan to start working on XFCE translation soon.

I have contributed a short guide to display Bengali characters :

Community and Advocacy

I'm a founding member of the IndianTeam. I have contributed to drafting the IndianTeam Structure document. I plan to contribute more to the community, including help in setting up the website. I'm already helping to administer the IRC channel and the mailing list.

I'm a part of a pilot project to deploy Ubuntu desktops at West Bengal University of Technology, one of the largest technical universities in India.

Bugs filed in Malone: #34490 : Postinst and postrm for Imagezoom plugin for Thunderbird fail to complete leaving dpkg in a broken state

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Nick: soumyadip on Channels : #indlinux, #ilug-cal, #linux-india, #ubuntu-in, #ubuntu-l10n, #xubuntu, #debian-devel


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