Here is the log for this meeting:

19:01 (        xq) Just would like to get a few things started for the future
19:01 (        xq) :)
19:01 (  Flare183) I understand
19:01 (        xq) And get some input
19:02 (  Flare183) I understand
19:02 (        xq) First topic: Our Launchpad group (South Carolina LoCo) is currently a moderated group. I would like to make it unmoderated and open to all :)
19:03 (        xq) A lot of other LoCos do this and it really allows more "openness" and people are more likely to join up. We still get notified of joiners, and can still contact them. They also still get assigned an automatic date of expiration.
19:04 (        xq) I just think it is more inviting and will give us more members :)
19:04 (        xq) recluse2: ping?
19:04 (        xq) dantalizing: ping? ;)
19:05 (  Flare183) xq: ok
19:05 (        xq) dantalizing, by the way, is our mentor from the approved FL LoCo group. He is here for us on our path to approval. :)
19:05 (  Flare183) xq: Alright
19:06 (  Flare183) dantalizing: Nice to see you here :)
19:06 (        xq) He is also their leader and an administrator on the US-LoCo Team Council.
19:06 (  Flare183) :O Nice!
19:07 (        xq) But that's one idea for promoting openness and driving members
19:07 (  Flare183) ok
19:07 (        xq) I think having the group "restricted" may actually deter more people than it helps
19:07 (  Flare183) True
19:07 ( mrvertigo) i concur
19:08 (        xq) People may think "Oh, no...another process"
19:08 (        xq) I know I do when I see it :)
19:08 (  Flare183) lolz ok
19:08 (         *) Flare183 pokes ]K[^Omegadoom 
19:08 (        xq) Next up: To Do List with Assignees
19:08 ( ]K[^Omega) ;)
19:08 (  Flare183) ahh there you are
19:08 (        xq) We need to start keeping up with our road map and to do items that come up and who's doing what
19:09 ( ]K[^Omega) yes I am here
19:09 (  Flare183) ]K[^Omegadoom: k Just checking
19:09 (        xq) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthCarolinaTeam/RoadMap
19:09 (        xq) Yes -- there is this.
19:09 (        xq) But we need to get more specific.
19:09 ( mrvertigo) is there a way we can streamline the roadmap process, have it updated on the site?
19:09 (        xq) There's also this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthCarolinaTeam/Projects
19:09 (  Flare183) ok
19:09 (        xq) mrvertigo: That's what I'm hoping for. Or on the Wiki.
19:10 (        xq) Let me pull an example.
19:10 (  Flare183) xq: I should be starting a Linux users group at Tri-County Tech. But I will need some help in doing so.
19:10 (  Flare183) I just wanted to let you know
19:10 (        xq) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/ActionItems
19:11 (        xq) I think that's a good start. Or using a "table" with to-do items with assignees, like a project.
19:11 (  Flare183) Alright
19:11 (        xq) People don't need to feel like this is a job at all (no one needs to feel pressured)
19:11 (        xq) But we need to at least get a wrangle on what is going on and who is doing what :)
19:11 (  Flare183) True
19:12 (        xq) For example: setting up that LUG :)
19:12 (        xq) Or setting up planet syndication for ubuntusc.com
19:12 ( mrvertigo) is there a widget or adin with our current cms that will allow us to assign people certain tasks and allow them to update their own status?
19:12 (        xq) Or our own planet for our own members (and their blogs)
19:12 (        xq) All of those would be good action items
19:12 (        xq) mrvertigo: I think the Wiki would be fine, we can just make a simple template/table
19:12 (  Flare183) xq: I could setup the RSS Syndication
19:13 (  Flare183) I done it, back when I had my domain on your server xq
19:13 (        xq) mrvertigo: The wiki is great for that and is great for collaboration/updating and supports diff/changes
19:13 (        xq) Flare183: Yep, then if need be we can sync it using RSS or XML to the website if we want
19:13 (  Flare183) Yup, Exactly
19:14 ( mrvertigo) *silly idea can we start a ubuntu sc twitter to microblog meeting announcements, other progress?
19:15 (  Flare183) mrvertigo: Actually I think that's a good idea
19:15 (  Flare183) What do you think xq?
19:15 (        xq) Me too
19:15 (  Flare183) Alright!
19:15 (        xq) On identi.ca most likely, using it's group feature
19:15 ( ]K[^Omega) yup good idea
19:15 (        xq) Since that's where the *most* !ubuntu action is
19:15 (        xq) :)
19:15 (  Flare183) True
19:15 ( mrvertigo) can i nominate myself as its keeper?
19:16 (        xq) http://www.ubuntu-massachusetts.com/community/updates/
19:16 (        xq) That is how Ubuntu MA did theirs, a lot of other LoCos are following suite
19:16 (        xq) So they are on social services
19:16 (        xq) http://identi.ca/group/ubuntuma
19:17 (        xq) Feel free to use the same naming convention
19:17 (         *) Flare183 wishes that jcsteele were here
19:17 (        xq) Flare183: I think he's been very busy lately
19:17 (  Flare183) ok
19:17 (        xq) He just gave me his skype name over e-mail :\
19:17 (        xq) I hope he becomes more available
19:17 (  Flare183) I was going to work on the blog and everything, but I still can't get loggined into the site
19:17 (  Flare183) xq: Yeah me too
19:17 (        xq) myrtle is busy lately too, I hope he's okay with those fires in myrtle beach...
19:18 (         *) mrvertigo is same with Flare183 
19:18 (        xq) I can't either...
19:18 (        xq) I'm going to try to get him tomorrow morning on Skype
19:18 (  Flare183) Hmm weird
19:18 (  Flare183) Alright
19:18 (        xq) Setup an alert for myself every morning ;p
19:18 (  Flare183) Keep us posted
19:18 (  Flare183) alright :)
19:18 (  Flare183) lolz
19:19 (A) (*) Flare183 has quit (Remote closed the connection) #ubuntu-us-sc
19:19 (        xq) I'll take on setting up a todo list on the Wiki with some of the above items
19:19 (        xq) And you guys can take a look in the upcoming days
19:20 (        xq) mrvertigo: feel free to setup the identi.ca group and post it on the forum/let us know here :) I'll join up immediately
19:20 (        xq) and we can post it on the site as soon as we can
19:20 (A) (>) Flare183 (n=Flare183@botters/flare183) #ubuntu-us-sc
19:21 (  Flare183) I'm back
19:21 (  Flare183) Sorry about that
19:21 (        xq) np
19:21 (        xq) Crazy laptop? ;)
19:21 ( mrvertigo) i'll do identa.ca and twitter and post results here
19:22 (        xq) Twitter doesn't really have groups, just hash tags and user names
19:22 (  Flare183) Nah Compiz went nutty
19:22 (        xq) ah
19:22 (        xq) Going to do the username route?
19:23 (        xq) It will be good to put the WP widgets on our site
19:23 (        xq) To keep the site fresh and interactive
19:23 ( mrvertigo) wp?
19:23 (        xq) wordpress
19:24 (        xq) It just monitors the feeds (RSS) and posts updates directly from those social sites on the site where we embed the code (like ubuntusc.com)
19:24 (        xq) This will also help us with "marketing" :)
19:24 (  Flare183) True
19:25 (        xq) I'm glad to see more people on IRC lately
19:25 (        xq) DivineTemplar used to be on quite a bit, but hasn't been on lately
19:25 (        xq) So if we could promote it more would be great, just hanging out in here is great
19:26 (        xq) Last topic is a "Jaunty Learning Week/Support Week" basically. What do you guys think of announcing on the forums, topic and listserv a "Jaunty Support Week" or just a set few days to help users out with Jaunty in here?
19:26 (         *) mrvertigo seconds
19:26 (        xq) It would mean being available more often though. I don't want people coming here and no one being available ;)
19:27 (        xq) So we might want to pick some days we know we'll be here or set certain hours
19:27 (  Flare183) I have school, so anything after 4:30 I'll be here
19:27 (        xq) So we might want to say "Anytime after work [5:00] between May x and May x"
19:28 (        xq) I know there's Answers, I know there's the Forums, I know there's #ubuntu
19:28 (        xq) But this would be carolinians helping carolinians :)
19:28 (  Flare183) hmmm
19:28 (  Flare183) True
19:28 ( mrvertigo) i have an unpredictable schedule and would only be available for dropin
19:28 (        xq) And maybe helping the team bond. Also secondly promoting IRC hopefully. Maybe getting us some more users in here.
19:28 (        xq) That's one of the purposes...
19:29 (        xq) Showing off how IRC can be helpful and showing we're here
19:29 ( mrvertigo) #linuxpeople may help if i can get ahold of some of my old peeps there
19:29 (  Flare183) I don't know many people that use Ubuntu up here
19:29 (        xq) So the e-mail will be phrased not only for those needing help but also those who -want to help- and those who just want to mingle :)
19:29 (  Flare183) I just remembered something
19:29 (        xq) Almost like a 3 day #ubuntu-us-sc Jaunty fest. :)
19:30 (        xq) Probably less than any other state, Flare ;p
19:30 (  Flare183) While I was at the Robotics Competition, I had ALL the Ubuntu together at once
19:30 (  Flare183) And I was at alanta
19:30 (        xq) Well maybe other than one or two, I don't know
19:30 (  Flare183) It was awesome, we had like line of people in the stands all using Ubuntu
19:31 (        xq) Nice, ATL is a nice big metro area :)
19:31 (        xq) Went to Linux Fest there in the 90s
19:32 (  Flare183) Yeah, but heres the thing; we all were from different places in the world. lolz I had to use babelfish for the first time in my life. The spirit of Ubuntu was there.
19:32 (        xq) lol
19:32 (        xq) Those are fun
19:32 (  Flare183) Yeap
19:32 (        xq) I love huge gatherings like that
19:33 ( dantalizi) ty Flare183
19:33 (  Flare183) dantalizing: Your welcome
19:36 (        xq) So, that's about it. I'll get the e-mail drafted and out and the ToDo page up. In between this meeting and next we'll make some progress on the blog/site and the social networking sites (identica/twitter). We'll also hold that support/mingle fest in here to raise some IRC awareness. We'll also open up the LP group.
19:36 (        xq) When you have the links, mrvertigo, just shoot them my way and we can add them to the site and LP page. Eventually, I'd like to rework the wording on the LP page as well. It's a bit outdated I just realized ;)
19:37 ( mrvertigo) good as done
19:50 (  Flare183) Yup
19:51 (  Flare183) xq: btw we still have a Beginner's Team Channel
19:51 (  Flare183) #ubuntu-sc-beginnershelp
19:51 (        xq) yep
19:52 (  Flare183) kk Just letting you know


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