Meeting Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthDakotaTeam/MeetingAgendas/003
Meeting Schedule: http://sdloco.profarius.com/content/irc-meeting-num003


Meeting number 003 turned out to be pretty informal due to a lack of users and a lack of reliable internet.

In the last month we have picked up two new members. Welcome aboard guys.

I would appreciate if all members could set their correct locations in their Launchpad account. Just go to your home page and click where you live on the map. We have three users that yave yet to do this.

Creating a Flyer

This was not completed by the meetings deadline.

Mirror Hosting

We still have not confirmation one way or the other from DSU.


Shane_T suggested a BarcampSDK Conference. The idea is to just present something in a relaxed atmosphere. This lasts from one afternoon until another afternoon based on research. It is tentatively scheduled for May 30th to May 31st.

We will need a few members of our team to be here for this. At this point, we have 4 tentative members: vector, PhillipA, MTecknology, Shane_T. Shane_T is currently planned to be the speaker on our behalf.

Activity Levels

As a way to estimate our activity levels, I would like any members that read these emails or in some way keep up to date with us to go out to https://launchpad.net/bugs/328407 and just add a comment to the bug. Anything at all works.

Release Party

We would like to schedule a release party. This release part will be for 9.04. I believe the scheduled release date is 04/23/09. I would love to see some members there. In order for this to happen though, we need to get a date set. I personally would like it to be during spring break. Any other opinions?


PhillipA has create a few Wiki pages that he would like reviewed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthDakotaTeam/KB/GuidedInstall https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthDakotaTeam/KB/WhatIsUbuntu

  • Due to time constraints, I was unable to get to this in the meeting.


I have moved all our Roadmaps to Launchpad. You can see the roadmaps for this year at: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-southdakota/+spec/2009-roadmaps

I would appreciate a vote for using this new system.

Sad Stuff

It appears that Doug Jennewein has decided to leave the team. He was the previous owner of this team and I was looking forward to working with him.

Fun Stuff

I became the first Ubuntu member in this state. I know, gloating... I'm sorry; I'm just really excited.

Awesome Stuff

We are now officially able to sell merchandise from our shop. Just go to http://sdloco.profarius.com/ and look under the catalog. Hopefully we will get to the point where I can pull my personal cushion funds out of there and leave only the teams money.

All IRC logs are held at http://sdloco.profarius.com/stats/logs/

Meeting lasted from [20-Feb-2009 18:06:42] until [20-Feb-2009 18:51:23]


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