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We would like to give teams the opportunity to give their events, stories and news more exposure. Planet Ubuntu is a good place for this. It'll get more eyeballs on global activities and inspire others.


Some teams don't have a blog registered on Planet Ubuntu, because some of their active team members aren't Ubuntu members yet or because they don't know how, etc.


Currently the

  • homepage feed on LTP uses only hand-picked blogs, so we can export that to planet ubuntu and that should be enough oversight to keep inappropriate things out.

  • team admins can manage their team's aggregation, but the homepage uses a separate selection.
  • teams can add any feed they want to their team, but then the LoCo Council can tag a feed to appear on the homepage as well

  • no teams can't add their RSS feeds rightnow, only LC can


  • No blogging is done on the LTP, but elsewhere.
  • Aggregation happens within the LTP, aggregated LTP feed is then added to Planet Ubuntu.

  • In this first iteration, we'd like to do simple aggregation and re-feeding to planet which wouldn't involve copying or editing.
  • Optional: generate an RSS feed for events and meetings, that would automatically be published to planet.
    • Feed shows any events or meetings that have already happened or are happening soon

UI Changes

Additional fields for feed(s) per team need to be added.

Code Changes

The items above should be filed as bugs on LTP. We will then schedule some hack days to work on this.

Test/Demo Plan

  • Do at least a month of testing before adding it to Planet Ubuntu. We want to see how much traffic this is going to generate.

Unresolved issues

  • Can we ensure that the Code of Conduct is observed? Are we just going to mention this in the UI somewhere and leave it to the LoCo contacts/admins' discretion?

  • If we use one feed, will Planet understand that it's content from different authors?

BoF agenda and discussion

Meeting log

Additional ideas:

  • If content gets too much, maybe we could do a monthly digest.
  • Split the planet in 2 tabs: Members | Teams. (Official team content vs. content from members of the team.)
  • Can we enable team owners to moderate the content?
    • team members could write up something and team contacts/admins could approve this as content which goes out to everyone? Harder to manage, as per-feed is easy, doing it per-post would require more work in LTP, because the aggregator library we're using doesn't give us access to the data easily.
  • Give the user permissions to add other users based on request.
  • As part of the copying that takes place as part of aggregation, we could probably add thing like
    • jump marks (read more →here←) or
    • digests (weekly LoCo roundup or something)


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