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  * Evolution   * Evolution (python plugins possible :
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 * Add system-wide theme installation (WIP)
  • Launchpad Entry: awn-integration

  • Created: 2008-08-22

  • Contributors: Julien Lavergne

  • Packages affected: avant-window-navigator, awn-extras-applets, human-icon-theme, evolution, firefox


Provide a better integration of avant-window-navigator (Awn) on Ubuntu, by installing plugins, theme and configure options to match Ubuntu default installation. Correct others package affecting the use of Awn (like icons themes).

Release Note

The user will have a better "out-of-the-box" installation of Awn on a default installation of Ubuntu. This include :

  • Plugins which interact with the bar like changing the icon of Rhythmbox by the cover art, counting the number of unread mails etc ...
  • Default installation including some launchers for default application, basic applets ...
  • Svg icons for all default application because it's needed to display a nice icon on the bar.


Awn have great possibilities to integrate nicely with GNOME desktop, but it's now not enable after the default installation. This could a better experience for users if some customization was done "out-of-the-box".

Use Cases

Neil have many cover art for his music and would like to see them on his Awn bar.




There is 3 main parts :

Ubuntu Awn packaging

Action on the avant-window-navigator and awn-extras-applets package on Ubuntu.

  • Provide a custom configuration to match Ubuntu default installation
    • Launchers
    • Applets
    • Setting(s)
    • Theme(s)

Other Ubuntu packaging (or Upstream)

Action on others package of Ubuntu.

  • Provide all svg icons for default applications & applets : submit bug to human-icon-theme

    • Launchers/Tasks
      • gnome-app-install
      • apps/system-file-manager
      • Tracker
      • software-properties
      • ...
    • Applets
      • application-exit (for Quit applet)
      • ...
  • Submit plugins upstream and/or in Ubuntu packages
    • Pidgin
    • Rhythmbox
  • Create new plugins and submit them upstream and/or in Ubuntu packages

Upstream Awn

Action on upstream to add feature for the bar.

  • Add system-wide theme installation (WIP)
  • Fix Dbus (menu stuff for plugins not work very well)
  • Add support for packagekit in libawn
  • Add support for Universal Applets (need some work on the Universal Applets part)

Test/Demo Plan

Most of these modifications can be tested one by one.

Outstanding Issues

Which version of awn ? Actual state (22/08/2008):

  • 0.2.6 stable with less features
  • trunk some testing done, some nice features (expand bar, change icons for applets, frame rate, alpha icon, detach (?) ...)
  • 0.4 rewrite : some great improvement but still in developpement (and no ETA)

BoF agenda and discussion


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