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Currently, each flavour has a ports/ directory, separating some architectures from others. This is sometimes confusing to users looking to test various images, and sometimes confusing to adminsistrators looking to add or remove various images. Flavour coordinators often forget for which architectures their images are built, leading to gaps in ISO verification.

Consolidation of the /ports/ directories into the regular flavour directories would help provide a more accurate overview of the images made avialable for each flavour.

Mirror administrators are already expected to identify which architectures they prefer, so there should be little impact.

Release Note

Ubuntu now delivers all images available for each flavour in one convenient location.


Flavour developers are often unaware which images are built, especially for powerpc or sparc, and may not be able to suitable support them. By showing them all together, the relevant test teams can better ensure that only testable images are produced, and that all produced images are tested.

User stories

  • Alice is a Xubuntu tester who discovers that powerpc images are available. She dusts off an old powerpc laptop, and helps test to ensure these images can be used to install Xubuntu successfully.
  • Bob wants to make a local mirror of the Ubuntu images available, but only for armel and amd64. Bob's users find the resulting combined pages much easier to read, and are not confused by alternate paths.
  • Chris is on the CDImage team, and is concerned about disk space usage. A quick look at a few pages highlights the set of images produced. Comparison to the ISO test tracker suggests which images may be suitable for removal.


  • Mirror administrators are using ubumirror to mirror cdimage
  • Flavour developers care about which architectures are produced and tested
  • Users may have a variety of hardware and may choose to install Ubuntu more widely when all images are presented


  • Collapse all architectures, rather than having separate /ports/ trees for all new image builds (natty and later).
  • Modify cdimage release scripts to push all architectures to common /releases/ on release (continuing subset restrictions on


Code Changes

  • Modify cdimage scripts to not push to /ports/ anymore
  • Modify release scripts to copy appropriate release images to
  • Modify examples in ubumirror to not reference /ports/ anymore
  • Modify ubuntu-qa-tools to not pull from /ports/ anymore

Migration Plan


Test/Demo Plan

  • Build natty images using the new structure
  • Attempt to mirror using ubumirror
  • Attempt to grab images using ubuntu-qa-tools

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • Review of rationale
  • Raise additional complications
  • Detailed breakdown of code changes
  • Migration Plan preparation