As Checkbox is being increasingly adopted for testing Ubuntu, it would benefit from further enhancements in order to increase its adoption.


The ultimate objective is for Checkbox to be able to provide more flexibility when running tests.

User stories

  • Tree hierarchy to improve test suite selection (jcollado): As test cases are being added to different test suites, the number of available test suites may grow considerably and their selection for execution becomes more difficult. Sometimes one test suite should be executed, while other times a set of related test suites should be executed. Unfortunately, the relationship between test suites cannot be stated in any way and they cannot be added to any group. To solve this problem, it would be nice to have a way to structure test suites in a tree hierarchy so that users may be able to decide which test suites to execute with different granularity level (indiviual test suite, group of test suites, group of groups, etc.).
  • Individual test case selection for development purposes (jcollado): When adding a new test case to a test suite or when reviewing results from a previous test case execution, it's useful to launch the execution of just one test case to verify that it's working as expected under checkbox. However, since only test suite selection is currently supported, a fake test suite has to be created with just one test case for this purpose. The ability to select an individual test case for execution would be really useful in these cases to save time.
  • Resume state between executions (jcollado): There are some test cases that require some operation such as reboot the machine to perform their operation. In this case, it would be really interesting to be able to save the state of the checkbox execution and be able to resume it the next time it's launched.



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