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We need to have testplans and testcases in, place for QA efforts on UNR. These should pull from other sources where possible but may also have pieces that are specific to UNR.

Release Note

No user visible change in the distribution.


Having a documented, repeatable process is useful for understanding the current state of test coverage, creating test schedules, and improving the effectiveness of the testing efforts.

User stories

Edmund would like to test Ubuntu Netbook Remix on his netbook and would like guidance and a repeatable process for doing so

Susan has some tests that would be useful for testing Ubuntu Netbook Remix and would like to see if they are already utilized in the testing process and add them if they are not.


Automated testsuites exist for Ubuntu desktop that can be made to work on UNR

Existing testcases for UNR will be used, and expanded on if needed


Test and execution plans may be documented on wiki

Some testcases may be manual to begin with, but work should be done to either automate them, or add a guided version of the manual test to checkbox


Automated testcases added will be implemented in checkbox, or other automation suites that can be executed from checkbox

Target new tests to be added for UNR specific components (see UDS notes)

Unresolved issues

This should highlight any issues that should be addressed in further specifications, and not problems with the specification itself; since any specification with problems cannot be approved.

BoF agenda and discussion

  • Test typical ubuntu-desktop type things
    • Want to leverage that a lot of the testing otherwise happening on ubuntu-desktop is still valid and can be considered tested on UNR
  • Screen size/resolution testing for apps
    • 1024x576
  • Maximus working properly
  • netbook-Launcher
  • UNR Specific pieces may include (along with possibly others)
    • netbook-launcher
    • window-picker-applet
    • go-home-applet
    • maximus
    • desktop-switcher
    • human-netbook-theme
    • webfav
    • netbook-config
  • automation possibilities?
    • Look at new tests added to checkbox, and look at adding additional tests for these things
  • Wubi may also need testing on UNR this cycle, look for availability after Alpha2
  • some things don't fill the screen when you maximize them, could not think of specific example
    • possibly firefox launching subwindows doesn't maximize to the whole screensize
    • in other words, many apps need to be tested past just the main window to find problems with apps respecting resolution and screen size constraints
  • UNR specific bugs get tagged with ubuntu-unr


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