This specification deals with the Power Management in general for Jaunty.

Its focus is specifically on integrating and providing to the users the latest technologies in the field, still in the Ubuntu way (accessible, simple and powerful).

These technologies are:

Release Note




Use Cases

  • Ethan is a Data Center admin. He is managing thousands boxes. He needs electrical reliability and manageability, so he uses Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to remotely power on or off the nodes, and cycle the frozen systems. His infrastructure also includes a big 200 KVA UPS, with a 2 communication links (1 USB, and 1 SNMP). He wants to be able to shutdown earlier a bunch of secondary systems, to gain more runtime for essential systems. He finally wants his systems to be shutdown cleanly upon UPS' Low Battery status, and to be powered on automatically when the power is restored.
  • Benjamin is a home user: he owns a full set of home appliances, including a NAS, a PVR with network / DLNA capabilities, a communication module (router +DSL/cable...+wifi AP+...), a DLNA HD TV, ... all these are running an embedded Ubuntu system. He owns a small UPS, with USB communication, that powers these various devices. He simply wants to Plug the USB comm. cable into one of these devices, which will propagate the UPS service, and get everything working.
  • Sooba is traveling a lot, and has an Ubuntu laptop. She wants improved runtime, reliable and cute hibernation, and fast boot/shutdown time. A simple intuitive UI is required to adjust the few behavior parameters.
  • Jim has a desktop system, with a USB enabled UPS. He wants the same Integrated Power Managed as Sooba, with nothing to install or configure.



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