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=== Viral Photos ===

Launch a viral creation of photos with "I LOVE UBUNTU" theme. Spreading it in Blogs, Newsletter, etc. Also create TAG and/or GROUPS for main Photo container like FLICKR, IPERNITY, PICASA, etc.
  • Launchpad Entry: loco-marketing-guidelines

  • Created: Paolo Sammicheli

  • Contributors: Paolo Sammicheli, Milo Casagrande, Salvatore Palma

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The goal of the round table that this Blueprint would like to organize, is to understand how to better promote Ubuntu. What should be the focus of LoCo Marketing teams, what to do and what *not* to do (ie: avoid Canonical overlapping). During the round table we should validate all ideas here listed and then documenting all the processes involved for the benefits of the already existing communities and for new ones, creating a set of best practices and enabling the sharing of knowledge.

User Stories

Types of LoCo Teams

LoCo Teams could more or less be divided in two big families:

  • LoCo with English as their primary language

  • LoCo within a particular language different than English

The first set of teams operates, theoretically, without overlapping what the international team does in English or extending it, the second group needs to replicate what is being done internationally, translating and "localizating" in their own language and culture. Local events might have a different "flavor" if done in Brazil or in China. It is not possible to standardize everything.


These are four macro areas where the marketing teams can operate (thins is based on a LoCo team experience, Italian at the moment)

Advocacy and Interactions

LUG Partnership

It is important that the LoCo Team establish a kind dialog and collaboration with the local LUGs and/or the Free Software organizations. This would help to reduce or avoid friction with other groups and distros and would increase the ability and effectiveness of LoCo operating in large areas.

Libray Partnership

Advise the use of Ubuntu at local libraries, cooperating with local LUGs. Not the use of Ubuntu to run a library, but the use of Ubuntu to people going to a library.


Create a group of speakers of more seasoned members from the LoCo community that will act as a voice for the community at conferences or events. The sharing of resources (slides, handouts, communication methods...) is vital for a higher quality of speakers and talks. Also international brainstorm about how to communicate effectively would help speakers to learn a skill that it's not strictly connected with geeks attitude.


Organize with the help of other organizations, LUGs and teachers, educational events related to Ubuntu and Free Software. Search for projects which message is the meaning of the "ubuntu" word, and messages for different range of ages.

Government/Politics Lobby

Help other organizations spread politics related events (like in Italy "Caro Candidato", "Dear Politician", from ASSOLI)



Create a set of templates for documentation use, that helps any spontaneous group who will like to promote Ubuntu in any way. Such material should be available in "source" form as the goal is the creation of derivative works.


Create educational video explaining how to use software.


  • How to simplify the reuse of international videos dubbing them?
  • How to simplify the subtitle adding process for rapid localization?
  • How to share the "script" of a video in order to reuse them in another languages to create the same video?


Creation of tools to gather feedbacks after an event or any other LoCo event for a better organization of the next one. Where to start?

Press Office

A group of people that act as the voice of the LoCo Team and "speaks" to the local press or that answers questions from the local press.


Interviews of the local team members, the most active: increase the "emulation spirit" within the community.


Local version of the "Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter" with translations and local news.

Case Study

Case studies of local company that should be documented somewhere: newsletter, website...


Local version of the international Fridge. A local "editorial office" will write news or translate the ones coming from the English version.

Monthly Magazine

A professional, free, PDF magazine FCM-style, but with articles coming from the international communities: such articles should be in English and the spread of the magazine should be global, with fixed date "release" so that every language could have the same issue in their local language. (This is challenging!)


Creation of artworks that other teams can use, reuse and adapt.


Send System76's stickers to whom might request them (as long as System76 sends them to you).


Send burned Ubuntu ISO CD to whom send us a blank disc, in addition to ShipIt. Burn CDs at conferences.


Create a fair kit (signs, banners, flags, etc...) that people can ask. Shipment charge is on the the people who make the request.BR Maybe something similar to what GNOME does.

Viral Videos

Community effort in creating viral videos for the Ubuntu message.

Viral Photos

Launch a viral creation of photos with "I LOVE UBUNTU" theme. Spreading it in Blogs, Newsletter, etc. Also create TAG and/or GROUPS for main Photo container like FLICKR, IPERNITY, PICASA, etc.

Ubuntu Shop

List of computer shop that, secretly or almost secretly, pre-install Ubuntu on their assembled computer.


Ubuntu Day

National event, lots of people.

Ubuntu Meeting

LoCo community meeting, with external people also. More community related rather than technical.

Community Sprint

Small meetings with the people of the community do discuss the problems related to the community and how to improve. Reserved to the core members, but open to who would like to come and listen (to maintain open all the aspects of the community). Location, date and time are provided through community channel, the location should be an open access place.


Some sort of aperitif-Ubuntu, light talk with lots of drinks where you talk about Ubuntu. Small release party, but no constrained to a release.

Release Party

Promote release parties within LUGs, organizations or private people. Create a calendar with all the events, share pictures of the event, spread the word of the event on the LoCo communication channels (website, newsletter, forum...).


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