The LoCo Directory is in a good shape, but there's still a number of small issues which would make using the LoCo Directory more fun. We identified a few of them and intend to fix them during the Natty cycle.

Release Note

(Makes no real sense, it's not part of Ubuntu itself.)


The LoCo Directory is a great place for LoCo teams to organise themselves and their events. A number of issues have been identified, in the Natty cycle we will fix important ones.


These bugs will get special consideration during the Natty cycle:

  • 624676

    • Problem: Show 'action' links even if user is not logged in
    • Justification: If a user is not logged in, links like "attend this event" are not visible. This makes it very hard for new users to find out about things they can do with the LoCo Directory.

  • 610416

    • Problem: Time of events is shown in UTC, not local time.
    • Justification: One design decisions we failed to make right in the beginning was to bring in timezone aspects into the LoCo Directory. Currently local times are entered and saved as UTC time. This makes comparison of times and sorting impossible.

  • 644418

    • Problem: Search box placement
    • Justification: The search box does not follow design guidelines.
  • 628211

    • Problem: Provide site-wide search
    • Justification: This would make it much easier for new users to find their way around.
  • 613132

    • Problem: team search not working
  • 605651

    • Problem: Merge in Loco Reports into loco.ubuntu.com
    • Justification: It'd be great to know more about how teams are doing and track their involvement and growth somehow.

BoF agenda and discussion

= ToDo Items for the Natty Cycle = 
 * Local-time displays (Bug: 610416)
 * Searching (Bugs: 644418, 628211, 613132)
 * Add team reports to LD (Bug: 605651)
 * [itnet7] LoCo council add text to About LD to make sure other versions of Ubuntu feel welcomed
 * Move condensed API calls (dantalizing to file a bug)
 * [chrisjohnston] List team name on Global Events Page
 * [dholbach] Show 'action' links even if user is not logged in (Bug: 624676)


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