The current focus of the Ubuntu armel porters team is to focus on live images, with alternate and netboot images being a second, lower priority. This specification discusses supporting alternates in addition to live images.

Release Note

As of the 10.04 cycle, alternate images are now available on ARM platforms.


Alternate images allow for more advanced methods of installation and partitioning, and should be supported along with live images for users who need greater flexibility at install time.


That armel vfat alternatives work as expected, and there are no lingering bugs with cdrom-detector or cdrom-checker.



This spec is already implemented from a technical perspective; armel alternate images are created for all current subarchitectures. Any implementation work is making sure these images are functional with the first milestone freeze.


No migration, only new installs are affected.

Test/Demo Plan

ISO testing will focus on both alternate images and live images, we can reuse the current i386/amd64 alternate test cases with slight modifications. For new (non-Canonical support) images to be listed on the ISO tracker, volunteers with available hardware will have to commit to test, the backend code will have to setup to build their images, the QA team needs to add it to the ISO tracker, and then request to by added to part of the release by the release team.

BoF agenda and discussion

ARM Alternate Images

* Fixed issues to create ARM alternate images (antimony)  
        * dove used to work but does not currently (alternate images)
        * imx.51 boot but do not install (mtools bug)
Running installer in netboot mode runs correctly
        Certain file names such as 'ppp' would get truncated and cause apt-get to fail
        packages file would try to install ppp and then fail
        also caused issues in verifying media
        usb stick media needs to be regressed, does not work
        cd rom checker does not work with dd'ed images on arm
ubiquity will be happier when installing from pool - packages files are validateable

Alternate images now can potentially work on ARM
Sign off from Colin to fix antimony (upstream mtools)

Verify alternate images for all SoC's that can support ARM work - fix bugs
        alternate ARM server image created but does not work

debian-cd lives on bzr for code edit changes
Distributed as .img (filesystem dumps)
No support for usb-creator
Use tools - KDE/Gnome/Windows DD-like 
Alternate image build process will be created by the Debian post-boot script code

A subarch (armel) is all that exist as far as ubuntu concerned
everything does this is in DI and in debian-cd
flash-kernel (not actually a kernel flasher)
        special script that runs after initramfs is generated
        turns kernel intu uImage for u-boot

QA - pick images we care about that are interesting and test those.
All go in isotracker, ==release team== is likely to allow an announcement for that got full coverage on isotest
Make that there is either coordinated QA between SoC and Ubuntu QA -or- that hardware is seeded to Canonical 
isotracker has to have reports of succesful tests


DI on i.mx51 
        image should boot, should go through base install
        if ppp attempts to be installed (ppp filename now is 8 characters)
        vfat ~ problem -- has been fixed -- retest
DI on dove
        casper was included for a bug
        bug may have been fixed

Find volunteers to test varous alternate images on various subarchitectures.  
Identify body of people who have the right hardware to commit to testing.
Infrastructure work needed to get images up to cdimage.
contact would go to ubuntu QA team, and ask to be on isotracker
send email to release team, would like to be included in release

Emmett volulteers to document the process for getting image into the release process on wiki
For any given supported platform someone has to be responsible for identifying the individuals with the hardware (David Mandala)
Coordination on #ubuntu-testing and #ubuntu-arm on Freenode. for the test track + launchpad


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