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As the Mobile flavours of Ubuntu are increasingly used by those with multiple computers, a convenient means to synchronise mail, RSS reader history, some documents, browser bookmarks, stored media, and other information should be available. This ought be optimised with the expecation that a system with Ubuntu Desktop installed has greater available local storage than a system with a Mobile flavour installed.

Release Note

Ubuntu now supports synchronisation of mail, RSS reader history, browser bookmarks, and documents between multiple computers, for improved integration of the MID Edition and the Netbook Remix with an Ubuntu Desktop environment.


Maintaining consistent data between multiple machines represents signficant overhead in user effort. The provision of a data synchronisation service allows users to have a more seamless experience, and encorages use of Ubuntu on mobile devices for users of Ubuntu Desktop.

User stories

Alice is reading an RSS feed over breakfast on her laptop. Before leaving for work, she syncs with her MID. She is then able to continue reading on her MID on the train without needing to identify which articles she has already seen.

Bob spends much of his day away from his desk, and routinely checks mail on his Netbook. When returning to his desk, he syncs with his workstation and and is able to use the larger screen without loss of context.

Chris discovers an exciting new website from a billboard, and previews it on a MID. After returning home, the MID is synchronised with a workstation, and the website can be investigated in more depth.


  • One of the sync frameworks already in Ubuntu is capable of host-to-host sync, rather than requiring a specific PDA- or phone- or media-player- interface.


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  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

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