This should provide an overview of the issue/functionality/change proposed here. Focus here on what will actually be DONE, summarising that so that other people don't have to read the whole spec. See also CategorySpec for examples.

Release Note

Starting with Karmic, Ubuntu Netbook Remix is now shipped as an ISO image.


Every other flavour of Ubuntu (bar MID) is shipped as an ISO, which promotes user confusion, and means they may have to deal with unfriendly tools, such as dd(1). With USB Image Writer allowing an ISO to be written to a USB key, we can just provide an ISO.

User stories



This specification requires no design.


The cdimage codebase will be changed to stop assuming that UNR == vfat, and to also only build an ISO for UNR.

Test/Demo Plan

The UNR ISO can be tested as if it were an image.


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