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Get the continuation of the development funded.


Printing office documents, e-mails, and web pages usually just works. You simply click File -> Print, usually do not change any parameters, and your document comes out on A4 or Letter paper. If you open a photo manager or editor application and want to print photos like you get them from the lab (usually one picture filling one page) it gets ugly: In GNOME applications (shotwell, f-spot, GIMP, ...) you have to click File -> Page Setup, choose the printer and then the desired paper size, after that you click File -> Print, choose all other printing-relevant parameters, and then finally click "Print". In KDE programs (digikam) you have to set the four margins manually to zero to print borderless, geeqie does not get the printer parameters from CUPS, ... In addition, the printing functions of photo applications are not well tested. In Maverick, f-spot immediately crashes when sending a print job and GIMP sends blank pages.


If a user sees a nice photo in his photo manager and would like to have it on paper, he should be able to print it in high photo quality and scaled to fill the sheet with a few simple clicks and in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

Use cases


Photo managers/editors under Linux




Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

UDS Natty:

Further discussion



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