uring the Lucid development cycle we run a testing program for proprietary graphic drivers and their integration with Ubuntu. Details of the program can be found at the wiki

Feedback from participants was very positive and some of them are even willing to organize similar testing efforts.

We will gather feedback to improve this kind of initiatives.

Release Note

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  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

Test/Demo Plan

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Unresolved issues

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BoF agenda and discussion


  • Explanation of the project to those who didn't know about it
  • Infrastructure
    • The ISO tracker: what worked, what didn't and what's missing
    • The testcases wiki
  • The design team use case format. How can we use it?
  • Communication
    • Mailing list
    • Forums
    • Documentation
  • Community engagement

See also RedHat's Bodhi - - process which utilizes tester community to test packages before they're put into the distro officially (analogous to our *-proposed and SRU processes, but which includes structured testing and package testing karma).


# Explanation of the project to those who didn't know about it

Structured testing, executing test cases throughout the development cycle

Daily reports

Coordinated through Launchpad team and mailing list

# Infrastructure

    * The ISO tracker: what worked, what didn't and what's missing
    * The testcases wiki 

# The design team use case format. How can we use it?
Output of design use case is acceptance criteria
Have a single workflow starting with design team's use cases, flowing through to development and then QA

They also have a Google Docs-based tool for editing and viewing use cases

# Communication

People found that having the opportunity to communicate with the devs was a very positive experience. Responsive developers-tester communication is a clear benefit of working with testcases rather than reporting bugs and waiting for feedback.

Need to keep the simplicity of the testcases in order to make it easy for people to start testing and maintain focus

    * Mailing list
    * Forums
    * Documentation 

# Community engagement 

Problem: reporting
 - Overlap of tests being done on and checkbox tests - many listed here: - avoiding duplication by having checkbox submit info to the QA tracker.
 - Check box has modular reporting - a plugin could be written to report to additional locations (current launchpad or certification website)
 - Assembly-line type testing which includes design teams use case mapper, and QA testcase tracker. 
 - Use of project Sikuli can assist with automation of tests -

 - Different information

Either an individual or checkbox needs to verify the iso when testing. During lucid, sometimes the image did not change for 5-7 days before anyone knew it.


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