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Ubuntu Wanted is a website that provides a way for teams in the Ubuntu Community to place tasks and vacant positions and to search for people looking for something to do for Ubuntu. Ubuntu Community members can search for and apply to tasks and vacant positions and add their skills to the website.

Release Note


It's not easy to find an what tasks there are to do in Ubuntu. Most teams do list tasks on their own wiki page, but it's scattered and specific roles are usually discussed at mailists. A website where team administrators can post roles within their team would open the community more and create a central place to look. Mentors can be assigned to roles to guide newcomers into the wonderful world of the Ubuntu Community. This website allows team administrators to post both static(e.g. Bug Triaging, MOTU) and dynamic(e.g. maintainer of package X) jobs, categorized by team, but supporting tags. Only non-paid roles within the Ubuntu Community are allowed.

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Unresolved issues

  • Often people raised the issue of allowing third-parties to place tasks on Ubuntu Wanted, be it asking for volunteers or offering a payment. We've said consequently that Ubuntu Wanted only focuses on the Ubuntu Community and not on the broader ecosystem around it. However, a website like Ubuntu Jobs, possible modelled after Linux Jobs, may be a valuable addition to Ubuntu.
  • It could be that Ubuntu Wanted separates the community because it takes people away from the wiki and the mailing list -- which is where tasks are usually listed and divided -- and moves them to a different website. Not all people move along, so it could fragmentise teams. A solution would be to let Ubuntu Wanted notify the mailing list on new tasks or applications.


Ubuntu Wanted isn't new, the Brainstorm idea was posted in June 2008 and it was discussed at UDS-J in Barcelona:


Chronologically ordered list of previous publicions on Ubuntu Wanted

Mailing list discussions

This includes some mock-ups and theme work from MadsRH

The initial mailing list discussion:


Wiki pages

BoF agenda and discussion