What features do we want to see in win32-image-writer? The next release will focus on language support, but it would be nice to have some goals beyond that.

Release Note

Some Ideas include:

  • usb drive statistics
  • conversion between iso and img, allowing a cd image to be written to usb for booting
  • ports
    • Linux (obvious)
    • Mac OS X
  • other ideas? (please add to wiki)


This is an informal brainstorm to come up with ideas to further develop our own in-house tool for other OS users to try Ubuntu images. Enhancements to this program add a professional touch and give credibility to ease of use claims. Plus it is just cool.

User stories




Most of the currently proposed ideas can be added by the current project maintainer. Mac support will require extra help.

UI Changes

The user interface would need to change a bit to handle some of the ideas presented here. By standardizing on QT for the interface, the UI design is easier to implement across multiple platforms.

Code Changes

Code changes for cross platform support and additional features are fairly easy to implement at this time.


Test/Demo Plan

Need outside help to test on other platforms and with a larger variety of removable devices.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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