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LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ59dXOo63o (phillw, 23:38:14)

ACTION: hajour sketch up the screen shots (phillw, 23:43:18)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition (AlanBell, 23:43:41)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition (phillw, 23:43:54)

LINK: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/speech-recognition (AlanBell, 23:44:03)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition/GUI (AlanBell, 23:44:16)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition/SpeechMaker (AlanBell, 23:44:27)

LINK: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeVoiceControl (AlanBell, 23:45:01)

LINK: http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2010/espeak-gui-0-2/comment-page-1 (phillw, 23:45:09)

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  • hajour sketch up the screen shots

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  • 23:24:47 <phillw> #startmeeting

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    23:24:48 <AlanBell> phillw: err, no

    23:24:48 <Siekacz> ubuntu's not dropping GNOME

    23:24:55 <Siekacz> just making a defferent shell

    23:24:59 <AlanBell> ubuntu isn't in any way dropping gnome

    23:25:17 <phillw> i stand corrected

    23:25:19 <AlanBell> unity is a gnome application

    23:25:30 <AlanBell> or a GTK one at least

    23:25:37 <UndiFineD> thanks AlanBell : i was going to say the same

    23:25:58 <phillw> but as a lubuntu person, the application should be independent of the DE

    23:26:34 <Ryu_Kurisu> phillw: Yes, should be DE independent, however does anybody know how to do that?

    23:26:42 <UndiFineD> so it would have a separate gtk / qt / ... interface

    23:27:00 <AlanBell> really, the GUI is the least of the problems

    23:27:08 <UndiFineD> the main app is just an api to plug into

    23:27:09 <phillw> Ryu_Kurisu: python seems fairly happy.

    23:27:16 <Ryu_Kurisu> (And even thou I'm going to switch to Arch (with LXDE), I would like to be DE independent)

    23:27:45 <phillw> AlanBell: indeed, it is more about the coding of it, making it "look pretty" is on the wish list for the moment.

    23:27:51 <Ryu_Kurisu> phillw: about what? DE independency?

    23:28:00 <AlanBell> python doesn't dictate the widget toolkit to use or make it independent

    23:28:10 <AlanBell> there is py-gtk and py-qt

    23:28:41 <UndiFineD> the main app is just an api to plug into

    23:28:44 <AlanBell> but really it doesn't take much to knock together a nice UI in quickly with glade

    23:28:44 <Ryu_Kurisu> I know there is Vala gtk, don't know (nor really care :P) about Qt

    23:29:01 <Ryu_Kurisu> Glade?

    23:29:14 <phillw> AlanBell: is it difficult to get a python script compiled with both systems?

    23:29:17 <AlanBell> glade is the UI designer for gtk

    23:29:28 <Ryu_Kurisu> Alright, didn't know that...

    23:29:38 <Ryu_Kurisu> (I've got ValaIDE atm)

    23:30:17 <AlanBell> python is more interpreted than compiled, I guess it could work with both systems, but you would have to be careful with dependencies

    23:30:49 <AlanBell> you don't want it to haul in all the dependencies of KDE when running on gnome just because it could run on KDE if you wanted it to

    23:30:59 <Ryu_Kurisu> Correct me if I'm wrong, but with dbus you can do a lot, if not all the function we want?

    23:31:00 <AlanBell> however this is largely irrelevant

    23:31:26 <AlanBell> it probably doesn't need a GUI at all

    23:31:28 <Ryu_Kurisu> UI with this is a secondary concern I agree

    23:31:53 <phillw> As we seem to have more python people on board than C/C++ people do you think it is possible with python, possibly referring to C/C++ libraries? It's been too long since I did programming, so I'm not even sure what is possible.

    23:32:01 <AlanBell> if the approach is to start from scratch then the project won't go anywhere at all

    23:32:36 <phillw> AlanBell: +1

    23:32:43 <UndiFineD> +1

    23:32:54 <AlanBell> I am a fairly experienced programmer, if I had several years I could write an app like OpenOffice.org. I know how to do that, it is just a lot of work.

    23:32:54 <Ryu_Kurisu> But I was referring to when talking about DE Independency...I was talking about the starting and stopping of app, how things work in KDE or GNOME is just slightly different

    23:33:32 <AlanBell> doing speech synthesis and recognition is beyond my capabilities, I simply don't know where to start

    23:34:14 <AlanBell> in fact I do, I would go back to uni for a 3 year course in linguistics and computation

    23:34:23 <Ryu_Kurisu> It's like I said before, we need to select a engine which we can use...at the same time would could define use-cases

    23:34:32 <phillw> I know a guy who has experience of speech synthesis, but speech recognition seems to be the Holy Grail.

    23:34:33 <AlanBell> then apply for a research position at the edinburgh speech centre

    23:34:50 <AlanBell> then after a year or so at that I might be able to start doing useful work on it

    23:35:27 <AlanBell> synthesis is easier than recognition, certainly

    23:35:54 <AlanBell> and really rudimentary approach isn't too hard (dictionary of sound files, word matching and playing back the words)

    23:36:32 <AlanBell> but that will sound rubbish, and won't have a sufficient vocabulary at all

    23:36:34 <Ryu_Kurisu> AlanBell: I agree that we don't need to start from scratch, there are already some speech recognition engines out there which we could use...

    23:36:43 <AlanBell> you need to do phoneme based stuff at the minimum

    23:37:19 <AlanBell> the CMU sphynx library looks a good basis for recognition

    23:37:21 <Ryu_Kurisu> I remember a kinect video which uses voice control to ask a computer things...just a sec

    23:37:22 <phillw> As we are asking that it be able to have a book dictated to it, is should be a little easier?

    23:37:47 <Ryu_Kurisu> First link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ59dXOo63o

    23:37:58 <AlanBell> if you have a domain specific vocabulary things can be simplified a little

    23:38:14 <phillw> #link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ59dXOo63o

    23:38:45 <Ryu_Kurisu> phillw: Thanks, found it already (or was that for the meeting?)

    23:39:04 <phillw> Ryu_Kurisu: that was for meeting notes Smile :)

    23:39:12 <Ryu_Kurisu> Alright Smile :)

    23:41:30 <Ryu_Kurisu> I know from uni that it's usefull to have use-cases...not only can you direct your programming better, you also have got some good requirements you need to perform...

    23:42:10 <AlanBell> it would be a good idea to update one of the existing specifications

    23:42:21 <AlanBell> document the requirements

    23:42:30 <phillw> Can you good people have a dig around the WWW and projects that we can link to. I will be in contact with the french guy once this meeting has finished to see if he will also come on board for the project.

    23:42:34 <Ryu_Kurisu> We've got specifications already?

    23:42:38 <AlanBell> sketch out any user interfaces using pencil or whatever

    23:42:51 <AlanBell> Ryu_Kurisu: sure, everyone comes up with this idea Smile :)

    23:43:16 <AlanBell> and research the libraries that are already available and do the really really hard parts

    23:43:18 <phillw> #action hajour sketch up the screen shots 23:43:18 * meetingology hajour sketch up the screen shots

    23:43:21 <Ryu_Kurisu> Yeah, but that doesn't mean "we" have got specifications...

    23:43:41 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition

    23:43:54 <phillw> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition

    23:44:03 <AlanBell> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/speech-recognition

    23:44:16 <AlanBell> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition/GUI

    23:44:27 <AlanBell> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechRecognition/SpeechMaker

    23:45:01 <AlanBell> #link http://live.gnome.org/GnomeVoiceControl

    23:45:09 <phillw> #link http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2010/espeak-gui-0-2/comment-page-1

    23:45:51 <Ryu_Kurisu> Sorry guys/girls, I'm exhausted (live in Holland like hajour and is quarter to one here) so I'm off...

    23:46:08 <Ryu_Kurisu> See ya'll tomorrow

    23:46:20 <phillw> ;bye | Ryu_Kurisu

    23:46:21 <DragonEyes> Ryu_Kurisu: take care and ensure the penguin does not catch you Smile :)

    23:46:31 <AlanBell> I am off too o/

    23:46:41 <phillw> #endmeeting

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