#title #ubuntu-speechcontrol-devs Meeting

Meeting started by JackyAlcine at 17:00:01 UTC.

Meeting summary

  • Testing group

IDEA: Bug Focus Group now or later? (Daniel0108, 17:08:27)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Projects (UndiFineD, 17:16:19)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Projects (JackyAlcine, 17:17:57)

  • Openmary In Ubuntu

LINK: https://launchpad.net/~dreamstudio (hajour, 17:23:39)

LINK: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/infernobot (Daniel0108, 17:26:02)

ACTION: Make a list of individuals to work on the Client-Side of InfernoBot. (JackyAlcine, 17:29:54)

LINK: http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33 (hajour, 17:39:13)

LINK: http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2010/espeak-gui-0-2/comment-page-1/# (hajour, 17:39:28)

LINK: http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33 (Daniel0108, 17:39:32)

LINK: http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2010/espeak-gui-0-2/comment-page-1/# (Daniel0108, 17:39:37)

  • Ubuntu Voice Recognition Toolkit - The GNU HTK

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Blueprints/cmusphinx-train (JackyAlcine, 17:45:04)

ACTION: Contact dreamstudio for audio work. (JackyAlcine, 17:49:46)

LINK: http://www.doom9.org (JackyAlcine, 17:52:44)

  • Wintermute
  • Future Projects!
  • Future projects

ACTION: Daniel0108 leads the chrome-dictate and mozilla-dictate plugins. (JackyAlcine, 17:59:03)

ACTION: AAK (Ask, assign, kidnap) (Daniel0108, 18:03:19)

  • Nautilus voicecontrol

ACTION: Nullify the nautilus-voicecontrol project; Simon provides such a functionality. (JackyAlcine, 18:04:07)

  • the speechcontrol-api

ACTION: Re-use software (Daniel0108, 18:08:51)

Meeting ended at 18:11:10 UTC.

  • any other business

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/ (UndiFineD, 18:12:33)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/2011-03-04_UDW (JackyAlcine, 18:14:06)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/2011-03-04_UDW (UndiFineD, 18:14:07)

LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sense (UndiFineD, 18:19:13)

Meeting ended at 18:21:59 UTC.


  • Do you want speechcontrol on other platforms?
    • For: 9 Against: 0 Abstained: 0
  • Create a SpeechControl FG for UBT

    • For: 0 Against: 5 Abstained: 0
  • Bug Focus Group now or later?
    • For: 1 Against: 3 Abstained: 1

Action items

  • Make a list of individuals to work on the Client-Side of InfernoBot.

  • Contact dreamstudio for audio work.
  • Daniel0108 leads the chrome-dictate and mozilla-dictate plugins.
  • AAK (Ask, assign, kidnap)
  • Nullify the nautilus-voicecontrol project; Simon provides such a functionality.
  • Re-use software

Action items, by person

  • Daniel0108
  • * Daniel0108 leads the chrome-dictate and mozilla-dictate plugins.


  • * Make a list of individuals to work on the Client-Side of InfernoBot.

  • * Contact dreamstudio for audio work.
  • * AAK (Ask, assign, kidnap)
  • * Nullify the nautilus-voicecontrol project; Simon provides such a functionality.
  • * Re-use software

People present (lines said)

  • Daniel0108 (143)
  • JackyAlcine (141)

  • UndiFineD (57)
  • meetingology (53)
  • hajour (40)
  • MrChrisDruif (29)

  • phillw (15)
  • igii (15)
  • georgs (2)
  • Muscovy (2)
  • akshatj (1)
  • dualbus (1)
  • DragonEyes (1)

People present (lines said)(2)

  • UndiFineD (15)
  • JackyAlcine (9)

  • hajour (7)
  • phillw (5)
  • meetingology (3)
  • Daniel0108 (3)
  • leoquant (2)

Full Log

 17:00:01 <JackyAlcine> #startmeeting
 17:00:01 <meetingology> Meeting started Sat Feb 12 17:00:01 2011 UTC.  The chair is JackyAlcine. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.
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 17:00:18 <UndiFineD> oh it is here
 17:00:24 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: add me to chair list :)
 17:00:30 <JackyAlcine> #chair Daniel0108
 17:00:30 <meetingology> Current chairs: Daniel0108 JackyAlcine
 17:00:31 <igii> me too
 17:00:35 <UndiFineD> heh, I thought the meeting room
 17:00:35 <igii> noooo
 17:00:37 <phillw> I thought it was on the main channel?
 17:00:45 <Daniel0108> okay :)
 17:00:52 <Daniel0108> no it's a devs meeting ;)
 17:01:07 <JackyAlcine> Didn't want to flush out the main channel.
 17:01:07 <UndiFineD> ok, please continue
 17:01:20 <JackyAlcine> Alright, we have a handful of things to address today.
 17:01:36 <JackyAlcine> First up; our testing team.

Testing group

 17:01:41 <Daniel0108> #topic Testing group
 17:01:41 <meetingology> TOPIC: Testing group
 17:02:07 <JackyAlcine> Time and time again, leoquant has been beyond eagar to test our programs.
 17:02:27 <JackyAlcine> But as development here hasn't been moving as smoothly as we'd like; he doesn't get ot.
 17:02:39 <phillw> I also have a couple of people who would help.
 17:03:16 <JackyAlcine> We'd like to list these testing people and have every alpha release shipped out for them to test.
 17:03:27 <JackyAlcine> A list of programs that can be tested are coming up.
 17:03:56 <JackyAlcine> We also considered targeting a few other Linux distros outside of Ubuntu; like Fedora and Mandriva.
 17:04:34 <JackyAlcine> If a tester found an issue with an application, they can report the bug on Launchpad with the tag 'debug'.
 17:04:44 <JackyAlcine> This way, we can build up efficient blueprints.
 17:04:56 <JackyAlcine> Daniel0108: would you like to discuss the next topic.
 17:05:01 <Daniel0108> okay
 17:05:13 <Daniel0108> We thought about having a Mentoring program, like in the UBT
 17:05:30 <Daniel0108> There will be 4 groups.
 17:05:46 <Daniel0108> Developing, Documentation, Support and Bugs
 17:06:07 <Daniel0108> The Developing group is teaching programming languages to the team members.
 17:06:12 <hajour> is the meeting not in ubuntu-meeting?
 17:06:19 <Daniel0108> There are currently 2 languages to teach
 17:06:23 <Daniel0108> hajour, it's a devs meeting ;)
 17:06:29 <Daniel0108> C++ and Python
 17:06:56 <Daniel0108> The Documentation group is managing the development wiki on launchpad and the ubuntu wiki pages.
 17:07:00 <hajour> well now i am embarrassed because i just talked in ubuntu-meeting
 17:07:23 <Daniel0108> The support group is explaining what SpeechControl is, who we are and what we aim for.
 17:07:35 <Daniel0108> and they're helping newcomers to get into the team.
 17:07:36 <hajour> sorry for being late btw
 17:07:38 <JackyAlcine> hajour, I do that myself a bit too often. >_<
 17:07:41 <Daniel0108> hajour, no problem ;)
 17:07:43 <JackyAlcine> hajour: It's cool.
 17:07:45 <MrChrisDruif> Hai
 17:07:54 <hajour> reading back
 17:07:54 <JackyAlcine> Bugl: continue.
 17:08:02 <Daniel0108> The bug group is triaging bugs, debugging, fixing and testing alpha relases
 17:08:03 <MrChrisDruif> I've made it
 17:08:20 <Daniel0108> I want to start a poll if we need a Bug Group now, or maybe later.
 17:08:27 <Daniel0108> #idea Bug Focus Group now or later?
 17:08:38 <Daniel0108> #vote Bug Focus Group now or later?
 17:08:38 <meetingology> Please vote on: Bug Focus Group now or later?
 17:08:38 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
 17:08:45 <JackyAlcine> -1
 17:08:45 <meetingology> -1 received from JackyAlcine
 17:08:51 <Daniel0108> 0
 17:08:51 <meetingology> 0 received from Daniel0108
 17:08:57 <MrChrisDruif> How can we vote on this?
 17:09:00 <JackyAlcine> NOTE: now = 1, later = -1, undecided = 0
 17:09:08 <Daniel0108> just write 1, -1 or 0
 17:09:17 <igii> -1
 17:09:17 <meetingology> -1 received from igii
 17:09:26 <UndiFineD> huh what is being voted on ?
 17:09:27 <MrChrisDruif> 1
 17:09:31 <MrChrisDruif> +1
 17:09:31 <meetingology> +1 received from MrChrisDruif
 17:09:36 <Daniel0108> UndiFineD: Bug Focus Group now or later?
 17:09:42 <UndiFineD> later
 17:09:46 <Daniel0108> so write -1
 17:09:49 <UndiFineD> -1
 17:09:49 <meetingology> -1 received from UndiFineD
 17:10:02 <Daniel0108> #endvote
 17:10:02 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Bug Focus Group now or later?
 17:10:02 <meetingology> Votes for:1 Votes against:3 Abstentions:1
 17:10:02 <meetingology> Motion denied
 17:10:04 <hajour> -1
 17:10:19 <JackyAlcine> O.O Daniel0108, you're supposed to wait, lol.
 17:10:20 <Daniel0108> good
 17:10:34 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: there are too many votes against it ;)
 17:10:37 <hajour> iits a good idea but not for now Daniel0108
 17:10:44 <JackyAlcine> Hm.
 17:10:44 <Daniel0108> yeah :)
 17:10:54 <UndiFineD> While I do support having a bugs FG lateron, I think it is too early to set one up before alpha
 17:10:57 <MrChrisDruif> JackyAlcine: Your right, but still the majority was against now :)
 17:11:12 <Daniel0108> Now another question. What is the process to get a mentor?
 17:11:47 <Daniel0108> First you have to join the team, of course
 17:11:51 <hajour> i am mentor and i don't either know :)
 17:11:59 <UndiFineD> not much diffirent than from UBT, announce you want one :)
 17:12:09 <Daniel0108> hajour, we are talking about SpeechControl mentors :)
 17:12:25 <Daniel0108> okay, good, so we will just take the UBT mentorship system ;)
 17:12:37 <hajour> i am in speechcontrol
 17:12:40 <MrChrisDruif> Daniel0108: What does/is a SpeechControl mentor....what is his area of expertise?
 17:12:54 <Daniel0108> MrChrisDruif: We have focus groups, like in UBT :)
 17:13:05 <Daniel0108> a mentor helps people to get into the team
 17:13:14 <Daniel0108> and to join a FG
 17:13:17 <Daniel0108> like in UBT :)
 17:13:21 <JackyAlcine> Hold on, Daniel0108, a suggestion.
 17:13:33 <Daniel0108> okay
 17:13:37 <JackyAlcine> Why not, instead of creating a whole new team, just collaborate with UBT?
 17:13:47 <JackyAlcine> It saves time and pools human resources.
 17:13:54 <MrChrisDruif> We "are" a FG of UBT
 17:13:56 <hajour> agree with JackyAlcine
 17:14:05 <Daniel0108> MrChrisDruif: good idea
 17:14:09 <UndiFineD> +1 JackyAlcine
 17:14:11 <phillw> it is why I have suggested JackyAlcine become UndiFineD padawan.
 17:14:27 <Daniel0108> #vote Create a SpeechControl FG for UBT
 17:14:27 <meetingology> Please vote on: Create a SpeechControl FG for UBT
 17:14:27 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
 17:14:39 <phillw> -1
 17:14:39 <meetingology> -1 received from phillw
 17:14:39 <MrChrisDruif> We fall under the dev and accessibility things
 17:14:41 <Daniel0108> please vote now, if you want a UBT FG named SpeechControl :)
 17:14:45 <igii> what is a FG
 17:14:50 <UndiFineD> -1
 17:14:51 <meetingology> -1 received from UndiFineD
 17:14:51 <Daniel0108> igii: Focus Group
 17:14:55 <MrChrisDruif> -1
 17:14:55 <meetingology> -1 received from MrChrisDruif
 17:14:55 <Muscovy> +0
 17:14:56 <igii> ohh
 17:15:00 <hajour> -1
 17:15:00 <meetingology> -1 received from hajour
 17:15:01 <igii> +0
 17:15:02 <MrChrisDruif> It's not our call even :D
 17:15:04 <Daniel0108> MrChrisDruif: it was your suggestion ;)
 17:15:04 <phillw> igii: a focus group
 17:15:19 <Daniel0108> yeah, but just if we WANT one :)
 17:15:22 <JackyAlcine> Hm. I'm against this. We can use UBT.
 17:15:22 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108: we are part of UBT and ubuntu accessibility
 17:15:24 <JackyAlcine> -1
 17:15:24 <meetingology> -1 received from JackyAlcine
 17:15:35 <phillw> we are already accepted under dev FG
 17:15:41 <Daniel0108> okay good.
 17:15:45 <Daniel0108> #endvote
 17:15:45 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Create a SpeechControl FG for UBT
 17:15:45 <meetingology> Votes for:0 Votes against:5 Abstentions:0
 17:15:45 <meetingology> Motion denied
 17:15:50 <MrChrisDruif> You miss interpreted me Daniel0108 :)
 17:15:57 <Daniel0108> MrChrisDruif: sorry ;)
 17:16:08 <Daniel0108> any suggestions/questions left?
 17:16:19 <UndiFineD> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Projects
 17:16:27 <UndiFineD> look at the bottom
 17:16:54 <Daniel0108> UndiFineD: okay good :)
 17:17:27 <hajour> UndiFineD,  and i already had arranged that Daniel0108
 17:17:41 <Daniel0108> okay, hajour
 17:17:53 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: please start with the Status of libopenmary
 17:17:57 <JackyAlcine> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Projects

Openmary In Ubuntu

 17:18:05 <JackyAlcine> #topic Openmary In Ubuntu
 17:18:05 <meetingology> TOPIC: Openmary In Ubuntu
 17:18:33 <JackyAlcine> Alright, the development team has struggled to provide a simple API for openMary in Ubuntu.
 17:19:03 <JackyAlcine> It typically uses a normal HTTP request to send messages and synthesize text.
 17:19:54 <JackyAlcine> So we'd decided to implement a API for C++ and Python apps.
 17:20:09 <JackyAlcine> We're planning to integrate openMary into Speech Dispatcher so that applications like Orca can use it.
 17:20:10 <igii> whats a API
 17:20:19 <UndiFineD> what are the problems ?
 17:20:27 <JackyAlcine> API = Application Programming Interface.
 17:20:32 <igii> thx
 17:20:35 <JackyAlcine> We can't play audoi.
 17:20:44 <MrChrisDruif> igii: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Api
 17:20:52 <JackyAlcine> s/oi/io
 17:21:06 <JackyAlcine> We've tried ALSA, Pulse, libao, QSound!
 17:21:25 <JackyAlcine> And with no results besides a POP! or PEEP! noise.
 17:21:34 <UndiFineD> what kind of skill is needed ?
 17:21:50 <hajour> thank you UndiFineD
 17:21:58 <JackyAlcine> Audio streaming knowledge is exactly what we need.
 17:22:20 <MrChrisDruif> hajour: I thought you said someone with audio skills had joined the team
 17:22:37 <JackyAlcine> With that, we can continue to implement the rest of the API supported by openMary like SSML (Speech Sythensis Markup Language)
 17:23:08 <UndiFineD> JackyAlcine: wouldnt that be something to ask from bill ?
 17:23:16 <UndiFineD> waywardgeek i think
 17:23:19 <hajour> and dreamstudio can he do something to help with this?
 17:23:39 <hajour> https://launchpad.net/~dreamstudio
 17:23:41 <JackyAlcine> waywardgeek's having a bit of a tech breakthough; I forgot to mention.
 17:23:41 <UndiFineD> oh yes, him too
 17:23:51 <hajour> he is a new team member
 17:23:55 <JackyAlcine> Hopefully, his work's pulling through.
 17:24:08 <JackyAlcine> Well, I haven't seen him around; I'll just ping him about then.
 17:24:12 <hajour> and tenach
 17:24:23 <JackyAlcine> tenach's a Pythoner.
 17:24:29 <JackyAlcine> But we must move on.
 17:24:34 <hajour> he has said when you need him to mail him JackyAlcine
 17:24:39 <UndiFineD> ;invite waywardgeek
 17:24:47 <JackyAlcine> Daniel0108: let's talk about the two new projects.
 17:24:55 <hajour> dreamstudio i  mean JackyAlcine

uVRT and InfernoBot

 17:24:56 <JackyAlcine> #topic uVRT and InfernoBot
 17:24:56 <meetingology> TOPIC: uVRT and InfernoBot
 17:25:07 <Daniel0108> okay, let's start with InfernoBot
 17:25:10 <JackyAlcine> I'll do so, hajour.
 17:25:17 <Daniel0108> InfernoBot is a talking IRC bot.
 17:25:19 * hajour is reading Daniel0108
 17:25:42 <Daniel0108> Let's talk about the blueprints of Inferno
 17:26:02 <Daniel0108> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/infernobot
 17:26:33 <Daniel0108> We need programmers for each blueprint
 17:26:43 <JackyAlcine> More than one is welcome and recommended.
 17:26:47 <Daniel0108> yes
 17:26:48 <UndiFineD> what skills Daniel0108 ?
 17:26:54 <hajour> which skills Daniel0108
 17:27:06 <Daniel0108> UndiFineD: Serverside API of inferno is written in Python.
 17:27:12 <Daniel0108> you need socket skills
 17:27:18 <Daniel0108> because you have to write an IRC bot :)
 17:27:29 <Daniel0108> the clientside API is python and c++
 17:27:36 <hajour> how many from which i want to have a list then i can help Daniel0108
 17:27:47 <Daniel0108> there is a plugin for irc clients
 17:27:52 <phillw> I'm sure you have already kidnapped pedro to that project?
 17:27:54 <Daniel0108> for the serverside api we already have enough ;)
 17:27:57 <Daniel0108> yes, phillw
 17:28:03 <Daniel0108> pedro, igii and jamie
 17:28:13 <Daniel0108> and MichealH and jasono
 17:28:22 <Daniel0108> work on the serverside API
 17:28:34 <Daniel0108> but we need programmers for the client
 17:28:35 <MrChrisDruif> Woow...5 on serverside alone?
 17:28:46 <Daniel0108> MrChrisDruif: yes :)
 17:28:51 <MrChrisDruif> Alright...
 17:28:56 <UndiFineD> ok Daniel0108 if you need more people, make a list of skill specifiaction for hajour
 17:28:56 <Daniel0108> but only Jacky writing the mary bridge for the client...
 17:29:07 <Daniel0108> I'll do this, UndiFineD.
 17:29:16 * JackyAlcine =/
 17:29:18 <UndiFineD> #note
 17:29:30 <Daniel0108> Any questions about blueprints? or feature requests?
 17:29:33 <UndiFineD> or #action
 17:29:54 <JackyAlcine> #action Make a list of individuals to work on the Client-Side of InfernoBot.
 17:29:54 * meetingology Make a list of individuals to work on the Client-Side of InfernoBot.
 17:29:59 <UndiFineD> yes
 17:30:02 <Daniel0108> thanks, Jacky :)
 17:30:05 <MrChrisDruif> Thanks JackyAlcine :)
 17:30:05 <UndiFineD> there was a vote
 17:30:34 <JackyAlcine> Shall I commence with VRT?
 17:30:37 <UndiFineD> to either be inside a chatclient, or a separate bot
 17:30:43 <Daniel0108> please wait, Jacky
 17:31:09 <Daniel0108> last part of the InfernoBot agenda is that InfernoBot is only part of speechcontrol and not UAIT.
 17:31:22 <UndiFineD> what was the outcome ?
 17:31:24 <Daniel0108> The InfernoBot is not an AI, just a normal IRC bot like DragonEyes ;)
 17:31:49 <hajour> ok Daniel0108 :)
 17:32:11 <Daniel0108> now you can start with VRT, JackyAlcien
 17:32:16 <Daniel0108> *JackyAlcine
 17:32:22 <JackyAlcine> Alright.
 17:32:25 <UndiFineD> no DA
 17:32:29 <JackyAlcine> DA?
 17:32:31 <Daniel0108> DA?
 17:32:32 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108:
 17:32:35 <hajour> i think that is better to Daniel0108  because AI will take a long time before it will ready i think
 17:32:38 <UndiFineD> what was the outcome ? of the vote
 17:32:52 <Daniel0108> UndiFineD, which vote?
 17:32:52 <JackyAlcine> Oh, yes. the poll results online.
 17:33:33 <JackyAlcine> The poll you posted online, Daniel0108
 17:33:40 <Daniel0108> oh okay
 17:33:44 <UndiFineD> for people who need spoken chat, like hajour having it inside the irc client would be more handy
 17:33:48 <Daniel0108> yes, thanks for the info UndiFineD.
 17:33:50 <UndiFineD> as they can take it with them
 17:34:07 <Daniel0108> We will write an IRC chat plugin ;)
 17:34:15 <Daniel0108> it's much easier
 17:34:24 <Daniel0108> and you don't have to install a new client
 17:34:34 <UndiFineD> so is it a bot or a plugin ?
 17:34:49 <Daniel0108> UndiFineD: There is a Serverside API and a Clientside API
 17:34:54 <Daniel0108> the serverside on is a bot
 17:35:01 <MrChrisDruif> Indeed.....we have enough chatter about xchat vs pidgin vs irssi :P
 17:35:03 <UndiFineD> a plugin for xchat is almost the same as for irssii
 17:35:04 <Daniel0108> and the clientside one is a irc client plugin
 17:35:54 <JackyAlcine> Ah, okay, I see the confusion. We can't have two things doing the same thing; we have to choose between making an TTS IRC bot or a TTS plugin.
 17:36:08 <JackyAlcine> Otherwise; we'd be splitting our resources then.
 17:36:09 <JackyAlcine> *thin
 17:36:17 <igii> whats TTS?
 17:36:25 <MrChrisDruif> Text to speech igii
 17:36:27 <UndiFineD> Text-to-Speech
 17:36:30 <igii> thx
 17:36:40 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: it's a TTS plugin, but the bot is parsing the speech ;)
 17:36:47 <Daniel0108> it's like:
 17:37:37 <UndiFineD> text->client->server->client ?
 17:37:42 <MrChrisDruif> Bot receives text and sends it to the plugin, which does TTS?
 17:37:44 <MrChrisDruif> :D
 17:37:47 <Daniel0108> Client->Text->Bot->Bot generates Speech request->Client->Client generates and plays the Speech
 17:37:48 <JackyAlcine> The plugin can do that by itself; the bot seems like a bit of extra overhead. We can go and develop a plugin and IRC bot, just can't have the bot talking to the plugin.
 17:38:06 <JackyAlcine> Or. lol, Client > Plugin > libopenmary .. done.
 17:38:12 <Daniel0108> yes
 17:38:14 <JackyAlcine> Just an idea.
 17:38:36 <JackyAlcine> Ah, we'll need some UML diagrams for this one.
 17:38:42 <Daniel0108> the bot is just a normal IRC bot that can handle audio requests
 17:39:08 <UndiFineD> hajour is going to link something
 17:39:13 <hajour> http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33
 17:39:28 <hajour> http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2010/espeak-gui-0-2/comment-page-1/#
 17:39:32 <Daniel0108> #link http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33
 17:39:37 <Daniel0108> #link http://bloc.eurion.net/archives/2010/espeak-gui-0-2/comment-page-1/#
 17:39:42 <Daniel0108> thanks, hajour
 17:40:01 <JackyAlcine> So we should be aiming for that, hajour? Something a bit like eSpeak?
 17:40:08 <hajour> your havre to thank phillw  for this he give it to me today
 17:40:09 <JackyAlcine> *eSpeak-GUI?
 17:40:12 <UndiFineD> maybe you can find some common code
 17:40:44 <JackyAlcine> Shouldn't be difficult at all.
 17:40:45 <hajour> the plugin can be used to light weight needed pc s
 17:40:53 <Daniel0108> yes
 17:41:11 <JackyAlcine> If anything, I've worked with eSpeak before and libopenmary will give a simpler, effective API.
 17:41:25 <JackyAlcine> The *only* issue is openMary's footprint.
 17:41:43 <Daniel0108> I think the best part of InfernoBot is the STT. Because you can talk and the bot executes commands, like OP, JOIN, PART and so on :)
 17:42:18 <phillw> JackyAlcine: do not forget, we have to keep any bot really small on resource usage.
 17:42:24 <Daniel0108> For example, you say: OP hajour.
 17:42:28 * JackyAlcine chose for us to be here because we're not even halfway thorough the list.
 17:42:40 <Daniel0108> phillw: the bot is hosted
 17:42:49 <JackyAlcine> phillw: The code will be light; it's just openMary, the Java app doing this work.
 17:42:51 <UndiFineD> JackyAlcine: we talked of openmary footprint long ago, and decided to get some things working first and then see how we could make it more optimal
 17:43:05 <JackyAlcine> We have, yet.
 17:43:07 <JackyAlcine> *yes.
 17:43:39 <JackyAlcine> Daniel0108, now?
 17:43:40 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: let's move to uVRT now :)

Ubuntu Voice Recognition Toolkit - The GNU HTK

 17:43:54 <JackyAlcine> #topic Ubuntu Voice Recognition Toolkit - The GNU HTK
 17:43:54 <meetingology> TOPIC: Ubuntu Voice Recognition Toolkit - The GNU HTK
 17:44:09 <JackyAlcine> Now, after so many complications with the HTK toolkit,
 17:44:22 <JackyAlcine> I thought that we couldn't replace it entirely, at least not yet,
 17:44:35 <JackyAlcine> but we can improve voice recognition for Linux as a whole.
 17:44:52 <JackyAlcine> Thus Ubuntu Voice Recognition Toolkit, or uVRT for short.
 17:45:04 <JackyAlcine> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Blueprints/cmusphinx-train
 17:45:17 <MrChrisDruif> Why is the u small? :P
 17:45:22 <JackyAlcine> that's a blueprint of the initial goals, sample scenario and its usages.
 17:45:40 <UndiFineD> very nice work Jacky, I had fun translating
 17:45:43 <JackyAlcine> MrChrisDruif: The logo for it will be that micro 'u'.
 17:45:53 <MrChrisDruif> Alright...
 17:45:54 <JackyAlcine> Thank you, UndiFineD, but there's much more to be done.
 17:46:22 <JackyAlcine> I've contacted one of the managers of VoxForge, the online GPL speech corpus,
 17:46:42 <JackyAlcine> and he's supporting this project and gave me specifications of uploads.
 17:47:03 <JackyAlcine> There's a grave issue I've encountered, though, with uVRT, and it's the same that hampers libopenmary
 17:47:12 <JackyAlcine> We can't record or play back audio.
 17:47:30 <JackyAlcine> The moment that this is solved, we'll work on the next part of it: customized sessions.

 17:48:00 <JackyAlcine> Having the ability to read text you specify and train a local voice recognition to it is exactly something that promotes training and further enhances work.
 17:48:01 <MrChrisDruif> JackyAlcine: We can not or may not?
 17:48:21 <JackyAlcine> May not; simply because all of Abhinva1 and my attempts were futile.
 17:48:24 <MrChrisDruif> As in technical or license-wise...
 17:48:29 <JackyAlcine> Technical,
 17:48:33 <MrChrisDruif> Alright
 17:48:40 <JackyAlcine> We're 100% GPL3 + CC BY SA 3
 17:48:40 <JackyAlcine> '
 17:49:09 <MrChrisDruif> Great :)
 17:49:19 <UndiFineD> JackyAlcine: sounds also something to ask of dream ....
 17:49:23 <JackyAlcine> Also, for this project, I'd like at least 5 C++ programmers with a bit of knowledge of GTKmm, GConf and audio streaming.
 17:49:34 <JackyAlcine> #note Contact dreamstudio for audio work.
 17:49:46 <JackyAlcine> #action Contact dreamstudio for audio work.
 17:49:46 * meetingology Contact dreamstudio for audio work.
 17:49:59 <JackyAlcine> That's about it for uVRT, and also
 17:50:19 <JackyAlcine> an alpha should rolling around the 21st, uVRT 0.3a "Talkie Talkie".
 17:50:39 <JackyAlcine> And now, Daniel0108, the standings?

Standings with SpeechControl Development

 17:50:49 <JackyAlcine> #topic Standings with SpeechControl Development
 17:50:49 <meetingology> TOPIC: Standings with SpeechControl Development
 17:50:56 <UndiFineD> wow, that is incrediable
 17:51:26 <Daniel0108> Okay. We are currently working on libopenmary.
 17:51:43 <hajour> very nice
 17:52:08 <Daniel0108> but we have problems with audio output.
 17:52:28 <UndiFineD> JackyAlcine: another resource: http://www.doom9.org/
 17:52:31 <phillw> drat https://wiki.ubuntu.com/nav.coder has just logged out .... I'll get him kidnapped :)
 17:52:34 <Daniel0108> another project is Inferno and uVRT, but we've already talked about it ;)
 17:52:44 <JackyAlcine> #link http://www.doom9.org
 17:52:51 <Daniel0108> let's talk about Wintermute ;)


 17:52:56 <Daniel0108> #topic Wintermute
 17:52:56 <meetingology> TOPIC: Wintermute
 17:53:17 <JackyAlcine> Wintermute's the project that SpeechControl's indirectly and directly related to.
 17:53:19 <Daniel0108> First of all Wintermute is part of UAIT.
 17:53:20 <hajour> very nice phillw wolfpack i wanted very much for the team
 17:53:40 <Daniel0108> but SpeechControl developers are working on Wintermute too :)
 17:53:53 <Daniel0108> it's like: SpeechControl Developers <-> Wintermute Developers
 17:54:08 <JackyAlcine> Unknowingly, our openmary project is going to be something Wintermute depends on.
 17:54:08 <igii> UAIT what?
 17:54:16 <JackyAlcine> UAIT = Ubuntu Artificial Intelligence Team.
 17:54:16 <Daniel0108> yes
 17:54:29 <igii> ohh thx
 17:54:43 <UndiFineD> hello georgs
 17:54:43 <hajour> hai georgs
 17:54:48 <georgs> hi ;)
 17:54:51 <igii> hy georgs
 17:54:58 <UndiFineD> we are in a developers meeting
 17:55:06 <Daniel0108> Wintermute needs SpeechControl for its accessibility capabilities like Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis
 17:55:20 <Daniel0108> We are going to combine Inferno and Wintermute ;)
 17:55:33 <Daniel0108> Inferno is the Accessibility part, and Wintermute the UAIT one :)
 17:55:39 <JackyAlcine> more like Wintermute'll consume Inferno, lol.
 17:55:46 <Daniel0108> yep
 17:55:49 <phillw> Daniel0108: the only issue I have is that they are insistent on not coming under the ubuntu banner, even though it is a goal for all linuxes, I need to spend a bit more time to explain the protection of their code to them.
 17:56:23 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: let's talk about future projects.
 17:56:26 <JackyAlcine> phillw: Wintermute'll be licensed under the GPL3 and CC BY SA 3 because parts of it can't have some sources, ie: voice models.

Future Projects

 17:56:41 <JackyAlcine> #topic Future Projects!
 17:56:41 <meetingology> TOPIC: Future Projects!
 17:56:42 <Daniel0108> #topic Future projects
 17:56:42 <meetingology> TOPIC: Future projects
 17:56:44 <Daniel0108> oops
 17:56:47 <Daniel0108> sorry, JackyAlcine ;)
 17:56:49 <JackyAlcine> Lol, it's cool.
 17:57:13 <JackyAlcine> hajour had the fantastic idea of having a Chrome and Mozilla extenstion that could dictate text on a page.
 17:57:28 <igii> cool
 17:57:40 <JackyAlcine> For THIS nice little project, we'll need people who are familiar with JavaScript and the XUL platform (Mozilla)
 17:57:42 <MrChrisDruif> (Who wanted a one hour meeting again? ;) :P)
 17:57:47 <hajour> i already forgot i have had that idea
 17:57:49 <hajour> XD
 17:58:04 <JackyAlcine> hajour: We didn't.
 17:58:05 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: I can work on it :)
 17:58:21 <phillw> JackyAlcine: bringing wintermute under the the ubuntu banner would give them also the protection of Canonical - They do not take prisoners if a commercial company tries to steal code.
 17:58:37 <JackyAlcine> phillw: The S.I.I is being set up for that exact reason.
 17:58:41 <MrChrisDruif> GTG
 17:59:03 <JackyAlcine> #action Daniel0108 leads the chrome-dictate and mozilla-dictate plugins.
 17:59:03 * meetingology Daniel0108 leads the chrome-dictate and mozilla-dictate plugins.
 17:59:15 <hajour> uhm i want to say something
 17:59:31 <JackyAlcine> AND something off hajour's idea; we were thinking adding functionality to Nautilus as well.
 17:59:39 <JackyAlcine> hajour: Take the floor.
 17:59:58 <hajour> all is say by Daniel0108  and JackyAlcine  for to do but don't forget we have more people here who can do things
 18:00:44 <UndiFineD> yes there are other padawan who want to learn your ways, teach them and double your efforts
 18:00:44 <hajour> spread it a bit more over the team
 18:01:00 <JackyAlcine> I'm more than willing :D
 18:01:10 <hajour> its also a good way to learn
 18:01:12 <JackyAlcine> but they have to speak up and be here *glares at them*
 18:01:24 * Daniel0108 nods
 18:01:26 <JackyAlcine> dualbus? :D
 18:01:35 <UndiFineD> the timing of this meeting ... :)
 18:01:37 <dualbus> hi
 18:01:58 <JackyAlcine> Well, we're technically done expect for one thing.
 18:01:58 <phillw> ;ubt | JackyAlcine
 18:02:00 <DragonEyes> JackyAlcine: UBT is an area where people who want to give something back to the Ubuntu family are given help to achieve it. Take a tour of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/MissionStatement and ask on here or #ubuntu-beginners-team for more information.
 18:02:10 <hajour> JackyAlcine, send the logs to the team members with the ask or who want to do what
 18:02:28 <JackyAlcine> hajour: Alrighty.
 18:02:32 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: nautilus-voicecontrol and the speechcontrol-api is missing ;)
 18:02:35 <hajour> because a part could not be here by the meeting
 18:02:40 <UndiFineD> ask, assign, kidnap
 18:02:51 <JackyAlcine> AAK? :D Sounds like a slogan.
 18:02:56 <Daniel0108> yeah :)
 18:02:58 <JackyAlcine> And yes, nautilus-voicecontrol.
 18:03:19 <Daniel0108> #action AAK (Ask, assign, kidnap)
 18:03:19 * meetingology AAK (Ask, assign, kidnap)

Nautilus voicecontrol

 18:03:42 <Daniel0108> #topic Nautilus voicecontrol
 18:03:42 <meetingology> TOPIC: Nautilus voicecontrol
 18:03:23 <JackyAlcine> Imagine being able to control Nautilus with your voice, Open Folder, Open Documents
 18:03:29 <UndiFineD> no, if done right, nautilus can be controlled from simon
 18:03:45 <JackyAlcine> Hm. That totally slipped my mind.
 18:04:07 <JackyAlcine> #action Nullify the nautilus-voicecontrol project; Simon provides such a functionality.
 18:04:07 * meetingology Nullify the nautilus-voicecontrol project; Simon provides such a functionality.

the speechcontrol-api

 18:04:18 <Daniel0108> #topic the speechcontrol-api
 18:04:18 <meetingology> TOPIC: the speechcontrol-api
 18:04:22 <JackyAlcine> Alright.
 18:04:30 <JackyAlcine> So Linux has a single TTS API.
 18:04:30 <Daniel0108> What can the speechcontrol api do:
 18:04:50 <Daniel0108> We have some ideas:
 18:05:04 <Daniel0108> The speechcontrol api could read the contents of the Ubuntu Help.
 18:05:22 <Daniel0108> And it would be really helpful for blind persons
 18:05:42 <Daniel0108> And we want to replace speechdispatcher as the Linux Speech API :)
 18:05:55 <Daniel0108> Let's start a vote:
 18:05:55 <JackyAlcine> Hold on, Daniel0108, I didn't clarify that point, lol.
 18:06:02 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: oh okay ;)
 18:06:22 <JackyAlcine> Alright, Linux has an approved TTS API, namely speechdispatcher.
 18:06:45 <JackyAlcine> It allows multiple speech synthesis engines to be used by one API for programmers.
 18:07:00 <JackyAlcine> We taught of making a similar API, just for speech recognition.
 18:07:14 <JackyAlcine> Thus, the speechcontrol-api
 18:07:29 <Daniel0108> hi akshatj
 18:07:39 <UndiFineD> that seems much more sane JackyAlcine
 18:07:51 <hajour> hai akshatj  we are in the meeting
 18:07:58 <JackyAlcine> Lol, yeah, should have fixed it.
 18:08:01 <UndiFineD> so besides simon choice could be made for say vedics
 18:08:06 <phillw> JackyAlcine: we use everything that is there
 18:08:34 <JackyAlcine> Software re-use is key.
 18:08:39 <UndiFineD> \o/
 18:08:46 <UndiFineD> cheers for that
 18:08:51 <Daniel0108> #action Re-use software
 18:08:51 * meetingology Re-use software
 18:09:00 * JackyAlcine looks at the agenda.
 18:09:07 <phillw> there is no point in trying to re-invent the wheel.
 18:09:08 <JackyAlcine> Gah, we're technically done, any questions?
 18:09:09 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: last part, a vote :)
 18:09:13 <JackyAlcine> For?
 18:09:24 <Daniel0108> Do you want speechcontrol on other platforms?
 18:09:30 <Daniel0108> #vote Do you want speechcontrol on other platforms?
 18:09:30 <meetingology> Please vote on: Do you want speechcontrol on other platforms?
 18:09:30 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
 18:09:34 <UndiFineD> +1
 18:09:34 <meetingology> +1 received from UndiFineD
 18:09:36 <Daniel0108> +1
 18:09:36 <meetingology> +1 received from Daniel0108
 18:09:37 <Muscovy> +1
 18:09:37 <meetingology> +1 received from Muscovy
 18:09:38 <JackyAlcine> +1
 18:09:38 <meetingology> +1 received from JackyAlcine
 18:09:42 <hajour> +1
 18:09:42 <meetingology> +1 received from hajour
 18:09:43 <igii> +1
 18:09:43 <meetingology> +1 received from igii
 18:09:43 <phillw> +1
 18:09:43 <meetingology> +1 received from phillw
 18:09:47 <georgs> +1
 18:09:47 <meetingology> +1 received from georgs
 18:09:49 <JackyAlcine> We're aiming for Fedora and Mandriva first.
 18:09:58 <JackyAlcine> after (L)Ubuntu.
 18:10:03 <akshatj> +1
 18:10:03 <meetingology> +1 received from akshatj
 18:10:09 <Daniel0108> later, openSUSE
 18:10:31 <Daniel0108> JackyAlcine: First (L)Ubuntu, then Debian(of course), then fedora and mandriva, and then openSUSE
 18:10:32 <JackyAlcine> All votes accounted for?
 18:10:38 <JackyAlcine> Ubuntu = Debian.
 18:10:43 <Daniel0108> yes I know ;)
 18:10:46 <UndiFineD> actually I think we have support from opensuse faster than fedora
 18:10:54 <UndiFineD> #opensuse-a11y
 18:10:59 <Daniel0108> okay
 18:11:01 <Daniel0108> #endvote
 18:11:01 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Do you want speechcontrol on other platforms?
 18:11:01 <meetingology> Votes for:9 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
 18:11:01 <meetingology> Motion carried
 18:11:07 <JackyAlcine> Alright. on that note
 18:11:08 <Daniel0108> "Votes for:9" wow :D
 18:11:10 <JackyAlcine> #endmeeting

#title #ubuntu-speechcontrol-devs Meeting

Meeting started by UndiFineD at 18:12:03 UTC.

Any Other Business

 18:12:03 <UndiFineD> #startmeeting
 18:12:03 <meetingology> Meeting started Sat Feb 12 18:12:03 2011 UTC.  The chair is UndiFineD. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.
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 18:12:17 <Daniel0108> wow, that was a great meeting :D
 18:12:19 <hajour> uhm in my remembering there is at the end of a meeting space for questions or things to say
 18:12:20 <UndiFineD> #topic any other business
 18:12:20 <meetingology> TOPIC: any other business
 18:12:33 <UndiFineD> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/
 18:12:52 <UndiFineD> on the 4th os march I will hold a lightning talk
 18:12:55 * Daniel0108 didn't end the meeting O:-)
 18:13:24 <UndiFineD> it will be in #ubuntu-classroom
 18:13:44 <UndiFineD> somewhere after 20.00 UTC
 18:13:50 <phillw> UndiFineD: you may like to link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/2011-03-04_UDW
 18:14:06 <JackyAlcine> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/2011-03-04_UDW
 18:14:07 <UndiFineD> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Talks/2011-03-04_UDW
 18:14:16 <JackyAlcine> lol, im not even chaired.
 18:14:18 <UndiFineD> anyone else ?
 18:14:31 <JackyAlcine> PROGRAMMERS, beware my wrath!
 18:14:34 <JackyAlcine> That's all.
 18:14:55 <phillw> I'd like to say a few words... if that is okay with you devs?
 18:15:01 <Daniel0108> it's okay, phillw
 18:15:02 <JackyAlcine> Sure.
 18:15:10 * JackyAlcine tosses phillw the mic.
 18:16:25 <phillw> this project has done so much in such a short time. I know from my chats across various channels that you have an enormous amount of good will.
 18:17:44 <phillw> I'm still mystified as to how hajour managed to assemble such an awesome team so quickly.
 18:18:09 <hajour> well  i had help from everyone here from the team phillw
 18:18:18 <hajour> its not my work alone
 18:18:18 <UndiFineD> thanks phillw
 18:18:44 <phillw> hajour: there was no team - you built it!
 18:19:00 <JackyAlcine> Lol, indeed hajour, this is your "brainchild". :D
 18:19:10 <UndiFineD> I would also like to remind, that while we are called speechcontrol, have a read on
 18:19:13 <UndiFineD> #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sense
 18:19:13 <hajour> no there where teams i only have pull them together with new people to
 18:19:39 <UndiFineD> and keep in mind there are people with more than one disability
 18:20:00 <UndiFineD> having the posibility to choose means freedom
 18:20:53 <leoquant> very late had diner: and workshop python at 19.30
 18:20:53 <JackyAlcine> A great freedom that some are robbed from for no reason.
 18:20:55 <leoquant> sorry
 18:21:10 <hajour> i just have pulled the people together to combine there knowledge
 18:21:10 <JackyAlcine> leoquant: No problem.
 18:21:21 <UndiFineD> can i end this meeting ?
 18:21:47 <hajour> yes UndiFineD
 18:21:55 <hajour> np leoquant
 18:21:59 <UndiFineD> #endmeeting

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