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  • Joining the SII

ACTION: hajour write policy regarding joining the SII (UndiFineD, 17:12:59)

LINK: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSII.pdf (hajour, 17:14:30)

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Action items

  • hajour write policy regarding joining the SII

Action items, by person

  • hajour
  • * hajour write policy regarding joining the SII

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  • hajour (38)
  • UndiFineD (21)
  • AbhijiT (9)
  • MichealH (8)
  • meetingology (4)
  • AlanBell (3)

  • Artir (1)
  • Cheri703 (1)

Full Log

 17:01:55 <UndiFineD> #startmeeting
 17:01:55 <meetingology> Meeting started Sat Feb 26 17:01:55 2011 UTC.  The chair is UndiFineD. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.
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 17:02:05 <UndiFineD> hello everyone
 17:02:12 <hajour> o/
 17:02:18 <UndiFineD> the agenda is here
 17:02:20 <UndiFineD> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Meetings
 17:02:22 <AlanBell> o/
 17:02:28 <UndiFineD> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Meetings
 17:02:37 <hajour> the meeting was planned by jacky
 17:02:44 <hajour> wo is not here now
 17:02:55 <UndiFineD> it is a bit sad that our head of dev is not here today
 17:03:22 <MichealH> It seems his client did not reconnect
 17:03:27 <UndiFineD> #topic Joining the SII
 17:03:27 <meetingology> TOPIC: Joining the SII
 17:03:31 <MichealH> Liek it normally does :/
 17:03:38 <UndiFineD> Hajour has decided that any work on joining the SII is on hold. They have made an effort to define themselves, but this is not complete. This all had to be done in a flash of time, and so it is only logical it is not perfect. The content is also questionable and open for interpretation. She wants to see it mature a bit more.
 17:03:51 <AlanBell> I would suggest adjourning the meeting if it is important that jackiealcine is here
 17:03:58 <MichealH> AlanBell: +1
 17:04:13 <MichealH> Wait till Jacky shows up
 17:04:34 <UndiFineD> Well, he planned it, and did not notify us
 17:04:41 <hajour> then note jacky have linked 18 february all bleuprints from the wiki to empty pages
 17:05:04 <hajour> it was next subject
 17:05:19 <hajour> i would he was here
 17:05:28 <hajour> i sure want a explain
 17:05:36 <UndiFineD> so, any comments on joining the sii ?
 17:06:27 <hajour> i wonder who all is here
 17:07:07 <MichealH> UndiFineD: I could write a policy up
 17:07:33 <UndiFineD> for ?
 17:07:43 <MichealH> Joining the SII
 17:07:56 <hajour> will all raise hand up who is here
 17:08:01 <MichealH> o/
 17:08:01 <UndiFineD> o/
 17:08:04 <Cheri703> o/
 17:08:07 <hajour> o/
 17:08:18 <AlanBell> o/
 17:09:03 <hajour> it seams no one hat get a notification
 17:09:10 <hajour> from the meeting
 17:09:11 <Artir> o/
 17:09:19 <hajour> dualbus,
 17:09:24 <hajour> ibuclaw,
 17:09:27 <hajour> nixeagle,
 17:09:33 <hajour> RainCT,
 17:09:47 <hajour> AndrewMC,
 17:09:52 <hajour> AbhijiT,
 17:10:03 <hajour> i miss a lot devs
 17:10:04 <AbhijiT> yes?
 17:10:30 <hajour> there is a meeting well it was planned
 17:10:34 <hajour> by jacky
 17:10:45 <AbhijiT> hmm
 17:10:57 <hajour> but how it now seams to be no one knows from it?
 17:11:02 <UndiFineD> such a policy would have to be formed with our current issues
 17:11:22 <AbhijiT> i dont know about meeting
 17:11:28 <hajour> i suggest to put a other date
 17:11:37 <hajour> i want all the devs here
 17:11:46 <hajour> and rest of the team
 17:12:04 <hajour> i already understand that AbhijiT :)
 17:12:22 <AbhijiT> i got the email
 17:12:25 <AbhijiT> but dont read it
 17:12:31 <AbhijiT> i just check my inbox and found it there
 17:12:37 <UndiFineD> MichealH: such a policy writing task I leave to hajour
 17:12:59 <UndiFineD> #action hajour write policy regarding joining the SII
 17:12:59 * meetingology hajour write policy regarding joining the SII
 17:13:16 <UndiFineD> and so I think we should end this meeting
 17:13:29 <MichealH> UndiFineD: Can I work with hajour on it?
 17:13:50 <UndiFineD> this involves everyone
 17:13:58 <UndiFineD> so it would be a wiki page
 17:14:07 <hajour> yes
 17:14:09 <AbhijiT> what is sii?
 17:14:30 <hajour> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSII.pdf
 17:14:39 <hajour> that
 17:14:49 <UndiFineD> #link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSII.pdf
 17:15:14 <AbhijiT> ok
 17:15:21 <hajour> was the one i was not agree with i have asked to change some things ans to fill it more in
 17:15:33 <hajour> and i mean
 17:15:44 <hajour> very odd
 17:16:07 <hajour> dante is disappeared jacky and phillw
 17:16:29 <AbhijiT> got it
 17:16:32 <hajour> i hope they still will come
 17:17:35 <UndiFineD> is everyone ok with ending this meeting, postponed to next saturdays general meeting ...
 17:18:09 <hajour> and this 1 will go finding place
 17:18:18 <hajour> MichealH,
 17:18:40 <hajour> can you make a mail to pint all on it to come?
 17:18:46 <hajour> point
 17:18:51 <UndiFineD> #endmeeting

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