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Meeting started by UndiFineD at 19:02:13 UTC.

Meeting summary

  • joining SII

LINK: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSII.pdf (hajour, 19:15:17)

LINK: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSIIdraft2.pdf (UndiFineD, 19:17:04)

LINK: https://lists.launchpad.net/speechcontrolteam/msg00038.html (UndiFineD, 19:19:50)

  • Blueprints

ACTION: UndiFineD update blueprints (UndiFineD, 19:28:25)

  • libopenmary
  • Inferno

ACTION: Daniel0108 assign tasks to inferno members (UndiFineD, 19:44:51)

LINK: https://launchpad.net/~inferno-devel (hajour, 19:45:34)

  • Browser plugin

ACTION: UndiFineD update browser blueprints (UndiFineD, 19:49:58)

  • vibrasound
  • next meeting
  • any other business

LINK: https://launchpad.net/~inferno-devel (hajour, 20:04:51)

Meeting ended at 20:06:46 UTC.


Action items

  • UndiFineD update blueprints
  • Daniel0108 assign tasks to inferno members
  • UndiFineD update browser blueprints

Action items, by person

  • Daniel0108
  • * Daniel0108 assign tasks to inferno members
  • UndiFineD
  • * UndiFineD update blueprints
  • * UndiFineD update browser blueprints

People present (lines said)

  • hajour (70)
  • UndiFineD (64)
  • Daniel0108 (21)
  • meetingology (13)
  • Cheri703 (6)
  • wolfpack (5)
  • MichealH (3)
  • Muscovy (3)
  • CensoredBiscuit (1)

Full Log

 19:02:13 <UndiFineD> #startmeeting
 19:02:13 <meetingology> Meeting started Sat Mar  5 19:02:13 2011 UTC.  The chair is UndiFineD. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.
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 19:02:23 <UndiFineD> hello everyone
 19:02:28 <UndiFineD> who is here
 19:02:54 <hajour> o/
 19:03:07 <Muscovy> I'm here.
 19:03:33 <hajour> Cheri703,
 19:03:42 <Cheri703> I'm here
 19:03:48 <UndiFineD> I have not had some time to specifically make separate meeting notes for this meeting
 19:03:51 <hajour> RainCT,
 19:03:58 <UndiFineD> but the topics are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/Meetings
 19:04:01 <hajour> MichealH,
 19:04:09 <hajour> ibuclaw,
 19:04:40 <hajour> nixeagle,
 19:04:48 <hajour> IAmNotThatGuy,
 19:04:56 <hajour> AndrewMC,
 19:05:32 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108
 19:06:35 <UndiFineD> ok .. well lets just get started

joining SII

 19:06:50 <UndiFineD> #topic joining SII
 19:06:50 <meetingology> TOPIC: joining SII
 19:07:00 <UndiFineD> I give the floor to hajour
 19:07:31 <hajour> wel i asume everyone have read the mails in hope anyway
 19:07:40 <hajour> -n
 19:08:53 <hajour> because of all the troubles there wherearound SII and the bad start about SII rules
 19:09:33 <hajour> see first no rules .blanc page to sign and second draft was a kil voice contract
 19:09:46 <hajour> what gives not much trust
 19:10:06 <hajour> i have last week decided we not go by sii
 19:10:21 <hajour> if they want we will cooperate
 19:11:08 <hajour> but administration and financial things we go hold separated
 19:11:26 <hajour> you can respond on it if you want
 19:11:43 <UndiFineD> ok, so are there any questions ?
 19:12:02 <Muscovy> Is this specifically separate administration?
 19:13:29 <Daniel0108> UndiFineD: Is this meeting about SII?
 19:13:46 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108: no, we have more topics
 19:13:54 <Daniel0108> oh okay, thanks
 19:14:01 <hajour> i wanted we all have the chance to have a voice in all from speechcontrol
 19:14:31 <UndiFineD> Muscovy: as jmarsden pointed out, there are many reasons not to join sii
 19:15:17 <hajour> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSII.pdf
 19:15:30 <hajour> for to refresh memory
 19:15:54 <hajour> jmarsden had respond on that
 19:16:18 <Muscovy> That link 404s.
 19:16:44 <hajour> its also in the mail from speechcontrol
 19:17:04 <UndiFineD> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/a/TheSIIdraft2.pdf
 19:17:32 <hajour> a again a new one
 19:17:47 <UndiFineD> no, not a new one
 19:18:15 <hajour> anyway
 19:18:54 <hajour> the channels are already made and pay for
 19:19:22 <hajour> birthday gift from jmarsden to me
 19:19:45 <hajour> the web is going to be set up
 19:19:50 <UndiFineD> https://lists.launchpad.net/speechcontrolteam/msg00038.html
 19:19:56 <hajour> UndiFineD,  had almost all ready
 19:20:06 <hajour> o great
 19:20:30 <hajour> i was afraid it was be lost caused by the hack
 19:20:39 <UndiFineD> yeah, much of the webarea I had set up, until i got hacked wednesday?
 19:20:53 <UndiFineD> so I have redo all
 19:21:04 <UndiFineD> also Jacky was hacked
 19:21:31 <hajour> it was a hack pointed to speechcontrol
 19:21:43 <UndiFineD> so we suspect either some random cracker, or more worrying, a commercial party
 19:23:24 <hajour> Daniel0108,  this a explain why we have chosen to no go by SII

 19:24:40 <UndiFineD> #topic Blueprints
 19:24:40 <meetingology> TOPIC: Blueprints
 19:25:00 <UndiFineD> as I have done so in the past, I continue on this
 19:25:12 <UndiFineD> the blueprints need more work
 19:26:16 <hajour> i am a bit disappointed many devs are not on the meeting btw
 19:26:34 <hajour> and i wonder why
 19:26:38 <UndiFineD> exactly, this a time to spit ideas
 19:27:12 <UndiFineD> and the blueprints are the area to do that
 19:28:13 <UndiFineD> ok, one more for my plate i guess
 19:28:25 <UndiFineD> #action UndiFineD update blueprints
 19:28:25 * meetingology UndiFineD update blueprints
 19:28:41 <hajour> is there anyone who have heard why devs almost not coming anymore or respond on mails?


 19:29:22 <UndiFineD> #topic libopenmary
 19:29:22 <meetingology> TOPIC: libopenmary
 19:29:43 <UndiFineD> for some time libopenmary is in the repos
 19:30:00 <UndiFineD> yet no feedback has come to my attention
 19:30:16 <UndiFineD> I wish jacky was here to give an update
 19:31:10 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108: do you know ?
 19:31:18 <Daniel0108> sorry I was afk :P


 19:33:50 <UndiFineD> #topic Inferno
 19:33:50 <meetingology> TOPIC: Inferno
 19:34:20 <UndiFineD> I no idea on the progress being made on Inferno, the chat plugin
 19:35:26 <Daniel0108> there's not much progress, lol, we're still recruiting :)
 19:35:53 <UndiFineD> but we have 7? people supposed to be working on it ?
 19:37:18 <hajour> Daniel0108, you are the leader from inferno right
 19:37:24 <Daniel0108> yeah
 19:37:38 <UndiFineD> where are thou minions
 19:37:42 <hajour> so you have to say where to begin on and what you want
 19:37:57 <Daniel0108> yes, I know
 19:38:04 <hajour> else there will nothing happen
 19:38:04 <Daniel0108> but there are just 2 working on it o.O
 19:38:34 <hajour> but have you asked the others to work on a task from it
 19:39:30 <hajour> ?
 19:41:44 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108: it is a Y/N answer
 19:42:13 <Daniel0108> yes the 2
 19:42:19 <Daniel0108> jasono and MichealH
 19:42:25 <hajour> and the others
 19:42:36 <Daniel0108> I even don't know the others, nobody told me about them!
 19:42:47 <UndiFineD> ok then I want you to ask anyone signed up for it, to gather and assign a task
 19:43:12 <UndiFineD> can you do that ?
 19:43:55 <UndiFineD> you can find them on LP
 19:44:21 <Daniel0108> okay
 19:44:25 <Daniel0108> yes I'll do it
 19:44:35 <Daniel0108> but please tell them to PM me if you see them
 19:44:51 <UndiFineD> #action Daniel0108 assign tasks to inferno members
 19:44:51 * meetingology Daniel0108 assign tasks to inferno members
 19:44:59 <hajour> you have to mail them Daniel0108
 19:45:04 <hajour> all 29 people
 19:45:21 <Daniel0108> okay
 19:45:26 <Daniel0108> I'll send out an email
 19:45:34 <hajour> https://launchpad.net/~inferno-devel
 19:46:04 <hajour> i just looked on the launchpad from inferno ans saw 29 people signed in
 19:46:18 <hajour> so why then recruiting

 19:46:24 <UndiFineD> #topic Browser plugin
 19:46:24 <meetingology> TOPIC: Browser plugin
 19:47:01 <UndiFineD> the idea is to have a plugin the tells the user what is on (a part of) the screen
 19:47:24 <UndiFineD> with outoup to the users desired output system
 19:47:34 <UndiFineD> output*
 19:48:09 <UndiFineD> also here, strong work needs to be done on the blueprints
 19:49:58 <UndiFineD> #action UndiFineD update browser blueprints
 19:49:58 * meetingology UndiFineD update browser blueprints


 19:50:38 <UndiFineD> #topic vibrasound
 19:50:38 <meetingology> TOPIC: vibrasound
 19:50:59 <UndiFineD> again noone here to talk about it
 19:51:19 <UndiFineD> so moving topic to next meeting
 19:52:06 <hajour> put in topic for next meeting. who wants to stay working on speechcontrol and who not
 19:52:22 <hajour> because this is not working
 19:52:29 <hajour> almost no devs are here
 19:52:35 <hajour> no weork is be done
 19:52:39 <hajour> work
 19:52:58 <UndiFineD> yep, was getting to that

next meeting

 19:53:06 <UndiFineD> #topic next meeting
 19:53:06 <meetingology> TOPIC: next meeting
 19:53:44 <UndiFineD> I want to set up a doodle for a better timing that works for the people not here at this time
 19:54:05 <hajour> ok good
 19:54:25 <UndiFineD> also that should give an idea who is still actively involved
 19:54:52 <UndiFineD> tonight that should be made active
 19:55:16 <UndiFineD> when should we have the next meeting ? 2 weeks ?
 19:55:23 <hajour> yes
 19:55:40 <wolfpack> yes
 19:55:55 <hajour> Daniel0108,
 19:56:10 <hajour> MichealH,
 19:56:12 <UndiFineD> it depends a bit on the responses ofcourse
 19:56:24 <MichealH> hajour: Yes?
 19:56:32 <UndiFineD> but roughly in 2 weeks should do it
 19:56:41 <hajour> o you are here MichealH
 19:57:01 <hajour> we already called you
 19:57:09 <wolfpack> sry, I will be out of town on 20 so cannot attend
 19:57:09 <MichealH> I just came back....
 19:57:15 <hajour> this is again the end of the meeting

any other business

 19:57:46 <UndiFineD> #topic any other business
 19:57:46 <meetingology> TOPIC: any other business
 19:58:06 <hajour> you can put in date and time on the doodle wolfpack we go set up
 19:58:42 <wolfpack> UndiFineD: Is there any dev work that I can do to get familiar
 19:58:44 <wolfpack> ?
 19:58:56 <wolfpack> small dev work*
 19:58:58 <Daniel0108> hi MichealH
 19:59:10 <MichealH> Hi Daniel0108
 19:59:25 <UndiFineD> wolfpack: yes, we need blueprints, how do we get from simon to speech dispatcher
 19:59:39 <Cheri703> hajour: just as a quick update, I did search for software for CensoredBiscuit, but weren't able to find anything that specifically meets his needs. I had an idea for something, so I may be pursuing that later.
 19:59:46 <UndiFineD> when we know how, we can make that
 20:00:00 <hajour> ok Cheri703
 20:00:18 <UndiFineD> thanks Cheri703
 20:00:21 <CensoredBiscuit> holy heck my arm hurts
 20:00:44 <hajour> we can put that in the next meeting to i think so Cheri703 can tell about it
 20:00:59 <Cheri703> well, it's not really related to speech control
 20:01:22 <hajour> its part of speechcontrol
 20:01:45 <Cheri703> ...not really
 20:02:33 <hajour> i have said its also  in the other meeting i wanted speechcontrol have a agenda what also remember apointments meds ect
 20:02:33 <Cheri703> I'm not trying to be difficult or anything, just that an idea I had and am going to be pursuing on my own isn't really related to the speech control project in any capacity
 20:03:18 <UndiFineD> Cheri703: now your just making me curious :P
 20:03:21 <hajour> that CensoredBiscuit  have filled fro a part
 20:03:30 <hajour> for
 20:03:51 <hajour> with the remember blood pressure ect
 20:03:52 <Daniel0108> hajour, there aren't 29 members :P
 20:04:04 <Daniel0108> just 5 and 3 admins
 20:04:14 <hajour> i see 29
 20:04:51 <hajour> https://launchpad.net/~inferno-devel
 20:04:58 <Cheri703> heh, it's not a huge deal, I'm just saying it's tangential to the speech control project (it's actually something I'd been looking for or wanting to make for a while, I just think it'd meet CensoredBiscuit's needs as well). so...it's not BECAUSE of speechcontrol. anyway. I will keep you posted, but I don't feel that it really falls under speechcontrol's purview
 20:05:27 <hajour> ok its fine
 20:05:37 <Daniel0108> hajour, the rest are from speechcontrol-devel
 20:05:45 <UndiFineD> Daniel0108: is correct, 8 direct members
 20:05:53 <Daniel0108> yes
 20:06:08 <Daniel0108> I'm currently telling them what to do :)
 20:06:15 <hajour> sorry Cheri703  i am really annoyed almost all devs are not here
 20:06:46 <UndiFineD> #endmeeting

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