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 Content: Why should I use Ubuntu?
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 External context Links: Applications (OpenOffice, Firefox etc..)  Link: Evolution

 Link: Gaim

 Link: Firefox

 Link: OpenOffice

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 External Links: Installation (@ the doc team)  Content: First steps (Easy Ubuntu, Automatix, explanation about user permissinons and sudo, etc.)

 External Links: Installation (@ the doc team), Ubuntu guide (http://www.ubuntuguide.org/)
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 Link Spreading stuff  Link: Spreading stuff

 Link: Link to SpreadUbuntu

Note: I deleted the old SpreadUbuntu page, because it was done by a long-gone team and had no relation to the current SU project. I did leave a few parts though, because they are well written, and could serve as a bit of much needed inspiration. JendaVancura

At this moment, this wiki serves as a workbench for the Spreadubuntu Team. If you wish to keep up with the discussion, check out the Marketing Team's forum: http://www.ubuntupeople.com

Our current sketch of the site structure

* Index

  • Content: Simple overview text of Ubuntu. Free. Content: Why should I use Ubuntu? Content: Get it + Spread it...feel the love etc..

    Link: SEE IT – (-> Screenshots)

    Link: TRY IT – (-> DL page, LiveCD)

    Link: GET IT – (-> DL page, Install)

    Link: SHIPIT – (-> to Shipit) Link: Spread It

    Context Links: Freedom, Community, Business, link to SpreadUbuntu: text/banners/downloads

* Screenshots

  • Content: Screenshots Link: Features

* What is Ubuntu?

  • Content: Ubuntu as an OS

    Content: About Linux (-> Freedom) Content: Ubuntu Foundation (is there much to say?)

* Features

  • Content: Applications Link: Evolution Link: Gaim Link: Firefox

    Link: OpenOffice

  • ..

* Freedom

  • Content: It's free (beer) Content: It's Free (freedom) Content: What freedom means

* Try it Now [Download]

  • Content: What is a LiveCD, is it safe? Content: DL size Content: Methods of getting it

* Get it Now [Download]

  • Content: Download size Content: Methods of getting it Contextual Link: Local stockists / teams Link: Downloads... Link: Installation

* Shipit

  • Content: What is shipit (really free???) External link: shipit.ubuntu.com

* System Requirements

  • Content: System requirements Content: Note on HW support

* Installation

  • Content: Complete Install (Fresh) Content: Dual-boot Content: First steps (Easy Ubuntu, Automatix, explanation about user permissinons and sudo, etc.)

    External Links: Installation (@ the doc team), Ubuntu guide (http://www.ubuntuguide.org/)

* Community

  • Content: Overview of the community Content: What is a mailing list, what is IRC, what is a wiki (let's hope forums don't need this) Link: Forums / Community Links

* Business

  • Content: Ubuntu in your business Link: Canonical etc.. cost of support

* Education

  • Content: Schools, colleges, University perspective. Edubuntu..

* Spread It

  • Content: About spreading, how to spread, joining the community, why spread? Contextual Links: Desktop images / wallpaper, screensavers (Win-compatible stuff), Tux Link: Advocacy Link: Spreading stuff

    Link: Link to SpreadUbuntu Link: Get involved Link: Documentation External Link: Ubuntu store

* Documentation

  • Content: Downloadable (take-away) docs – flyers / info sheets, specs / apps etc – emailable, PDF etc. External Link: doc.ubuntu.com

* Link to SpreadUbuntu

  • Content: Something useful for webmasters to add to pages? Eg: like virus companies have latest alerts or holiday companies have weather etc...??? As well as normal links, of course. Perhaps customised textual / customised PHP GD image links Content: downloadables, stickers, posters flyers (need to think this out, so it won't collide with Documentation)

* FAQs

  • Content: FAQ questions and answers – look through forums / brainstorm these, steal from ubuntu.com.

* Sign-up for the Email / Magazine

  • Content: About ezine. If you're not ready to switch right now, sign up and we'll keep you up-to date on new releases.

* Information For System Builders / Retailers

  • Content: Info on how to OEM Ubuntu. Help and assistance, guides, business links etc...


Whilst every page should be accessible form everywhere else (dynamic menu), I have tried to highlight the links that might be featured in-page (perhaps as images). There should also be contextual links (ie: in-text) and also listed under content is the proposed focus of included text/images/paragraphs. Of course, every page will also be spread-centric....International:Site should be available to many languages and accessible to all (W3C recs) and major browser/platform combinations / mobile devices --Lloyd Hardy

We have to watch out not to make it too complicated, aiii? --Jenda Vancura

What the previous Team left behind


  • Raise awareness of Ubuntu/Linux as a viable option for an Operating System.
  • Guide the user through the thought process of choosing whether or not to use Ubuntu.
  • Provide clear information on the benefits of Ubuntu, and Linux in general.
  • Provide the website in a informal manner to maximise the "personal" feeling.

Ubuntu's ways of working

  • Usability
  • Solidity
  • Fresh / New / Exciting
  • Support

How to incorporate and show them within SpreadUbuntu.org

  • Make the website easy to navigate/use.
  • Use a unique design to enforce the "Fresh / New / Exciting" feeling.
  • Help the user use the website using clear help links.


SpreadUbuntu.org will be a vehicle to help promote Ubuntu, providing an easy-to-use resource for those thinking of making the switch. It will be comprehensive, clear and truthful. It will show the ethics, objectives and ideas relating to Ubuntu in an informal manner.

Inward Transfer - for integration if useful

Create a series of internet ads Banners, Sidebars, Logos and Badges. These will be timed for the release of Dapper in April 2006. These should be simple, but yet have little catchy phrases or quotes praising Dapper

I think this should be part of the SpreadUbuntu Project - use the Art Liason Officer. Get in the team - lots of members. _But_, please strongly consider these points:

  • 1. Can we possibly foucus on people who don't know what Linux is? (_New_user_ = larger target market)
  • 1a. Eg. the alternative to Windows?
  • 2. Yeah, I know the first point is hard in like 2 or 3 words - sux but it's the clever bit
  • 3. Can we get these (new buttons for new users) on _any_ sites we, as individuals are affiliated with?
  • 4. Point 3 can only be effected to _all_ websites if point 1 is true.
  • 5. Roger the emails (other peoples?) / sites / blogs - but can we talk to ISP's that provide ad-supported hosting to get these up for use for free?)
  • 6. Domain registrars with domain 'parking pages'
  • 7. Should the _actual_ design idea be offered to the art team first...? At least we could get their blessing - trying to locate !


Note: If anyone knows what Breezy or Dapper is - they've probably used Ubuntu...? You feelin' me? There are 6 billion people -45,000 that probably haven't.. Wink ;)

I've done a promotion site in Finnish (http://ubuntu.sange.fi/) which seems to be fairly successfull. I did a quick translation of it into English (http://ubuntu.sange.fi/index.en), but I don't have time to polish it completely. Feel free to do an improved version (is CC-licensed). I also made an "conversion kit" for Kubuntu users (http://otto.kekalainen.net/ubuntu/windows-to-kubuntu-installation.html) which you can also develop further if you like to.

-- OttoKekäläinen DateTime(2006-03-31T19:32:51Z)


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