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 * [[ | New Launchpad Team]] has been set. Please, feel free to join. It has a mailing list where all the communications can be made.  * [[ | New Launchpad Team]] has been set. Please, feel free to join. It has a mailing list where all communications can be made.
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To make life easier, this project will have different phases :)
In order to make it a successful project, we need to stick to the master plan!

=== Phase 0 ===
Set a solid plan, set priorities, define our goals, explain what StartUbuntu is all about, highlight the important points, etc. All this will be done on this page and once this page is fully written and done, Phase 0 will be accomplished successfully.

=== Phase 1 ===
Build a Team. This is not going to be a one-man-job, this is going to be '''a massive community''' job ;)

=== Phase 2 ===
Once recruiting a team is done, this team needs to communicate and discuss all about this project:

 * Join [[ | StartUbuntu Team]].

 * We can use [[ | IRC]] for Live Chat too ([[ | #start-ubuntu]] on [[ | Freenode]]).

Communications Channels are very important to make this a successful project.

=== Phase 3 ===

Before we start anything, we must prepare something for the Windows XP Users in order to make life easier for them. Some or most if not all of them may never heard about Linux. Some of them think Linux is only for hackers, programmers and geeks. We need to explain to them what is Linux? we need to explain to them that [[ | Linux is not Windows]]. We need lots of efforts here. The most important technique is to be simple, plain and easy. No complications and no geeks stuff. '''Linux for a better easy life''', that is our motto.

For that, we need our own version of some kind of comparison between '''Ubuntu and its variants and Windows XP'''.

 * Example that will make life easier - [[ | Linux vs Windows]].

One of the secret weapon will be Lubuntu 14.04. As per The Head of Lubuntu Developer, the plan is to make 14.04 an LTS Release. If that will become reality, this is a huge success itself. A great move and push for this project. Why? simply because most of Windows XP Users are running Windows XP on old machines. Chances are slim they are using it on the modern machines which are being solid with Windows 7 and Windows 8 these days. Unless of course they downgraded from Windows 7/Windows 8 to Windows XP. However, that does not mean Windows XP is being used right now ONLY on old machines. From the feedback of some Ubuntu Communities Users, Windows XP is being used on wide range of hardware. There are gamers, there are users who don't really care about updating their Windows XP system, there are many types of users.

Not to worry, with the full set of Ubuntu Family, with 8 systems from Ubuntu to Kubuntu to Xubuntu to Lubuntu and others, Windows XP Users will be dazzled, no doubt about it :D

Dazzling them in the good way. I mean, we will NOT confuse them, we will make life easier for them. This is important to remember. Dazzling does not mean confusing - google it :)

=== Phase 4 ===

The actual action will start from this Phase. However, we are not yet ready to approach the users directly, there is a pre-step to that. In this Phase, we must approach as many projects, communities, organizations, websites, magazines, etc as possible. The more people know about this, the better. Using the Media is very important. Our voices must reach to the whole world. In order to achieve that, we must approach first some communities, etc.

See [[ | StartUbuntu Activities]]

=== Phase 5 ===

After completing the previous four (4) Phases successfully, it is time to reach to Windows XP Users. If Phase 4 made a great success, other parties will play a great role to help us.

=== Phase 6 ===

The Second goal/aim of this project is to make the world a better place with Linux. Enlighten the world with Linux. People need to see the light eventually and these days, I've seen and heard that some companies are converting from Windows to Linux and go full Linux and this is a reality, not from our imagination :)

Having that said, and since Ubuntu and other family members (Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, etc) are Linux Distributions, our mission might not be limited to spread the word of Ubuntu, but also Linux in general ;)

So, in summary:
Phase A = Start Ubuntu - The current project
Phase B = Start Linux - The 2nd part of this project

'''HOWEVER, it is important to remember that it is TOO early to discuss or even think about that. Let's carry on and do what we like and love and success will follow eventually''' :)

=== Tip ===
The above Breakdown of The Phases is to explain in details about our plan and what we are doing or what we are up to. We don't have to follow the below steps in the same sequence or to be more accurate, we can be on more than one phase at the same time. Phases work in parallel not necessarily in sequence/order. Having that said, we can be on Phase 2, Phase 4 and Phase 5 at the very same time :)

ALL Phases work in parallel simultaneously!
Please see [[ | Master Plan Page]].



  • New Launchpad Team has been set. Please, feel free to join. It has a mailing list where all communications can be made.

  • This is Version 2 of StartUbuntu Project. See Version 1.

  • See To-Do List.

  • Note that the Master Plan and the Phases might need an update.


Hello and Welcome to the Home Page of the Start Ubuntu Project. Thank you for your interest. Your help, support and contribution is highly appreciated.

This Page has a complete set of tabs which have everything about this project. You can navigate so easily and choose between 6 different tabs. Each tab serve different purpose.

The Project's Motto

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." - David Frost


Brought to you by WOW Lubuntu starting from 8th of April 2013, StartUbuntu (created by amjjawad) is a huge project and a massive campaign that is aiming to reach to Microsoft Windows XP Users and offering them a modern, unique, stable, fast, powerful, highly customizable, active and amazing community based system, open-source, free Linux-based system which should replace their very old no longer supported system. Start Ubuntu is simply offering NOT ONLY one "replacement" for Windows XP, but 8 options, 8 alternatives, 8 Operating Systems - Please see Ubuntu Family.


Microsoft Windows will stop supporting Windows XP on 8th of April 2014 - for more details, please read this article.

Microsoft is offering two options to Windows XP Users (Small to Medium Business):

  • If your current PC meets the system requirements for Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can buy Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro from a local retailer or Microsoft Certified Partner.
  • If your PC does not meet system requirements, consider purchasing a new business PC with Windows 8 Pro.

Start Ubuntu Project is simply introducing the Ubuntu Family to Windows XP Users. Smile :)


No doubt this is a huge project and definitely won't be easy to achieve its goals, it will require lots of efforts, time, energy, strong will, dedication and commitment. However, impossible does not exist in our dictionary and therefore, we can surely achieve our goals and make this yet another successful mission for Ubuntu Family.

This project requires a Master Plan.

Master Plan

Please see Master Plan Page.


Thank you for your help and support. We appreciate your interest and passion to spread the word of Linux. Please, read the below steps:

  • Read StartUbuntu Wiki Page - the same page that you are at right now and check the 6 different tabs.

  • Sign up by adding your name to the Members Page.

  • Join StartUbuntu Team on Launchpad - You need a Launchpad Account for that. It is a needed step for internal communications between the members of this project.

  • Register a Blueprint in case you have any idea to share with us regarding this project. So, please feel free to think loudly and share with us.

  • Spread the word as much as possible. You can create some Artwork if you are a Graphics Designer (no need to be expert) and add that to Artwork Page. You can use the Social Media as well which is a very good way to spread the word. If you do have a blog, it is so nice of you to write a post about this project. If you have a personal website, that would be even better specially if you have many visitors. If you run a Computer Shop or Company, this is an amazing chance to reach to more people. There are tons of ways to help us to spread the word Smile :)

  • Some Real-Life activities would be super helpful and great as well. Telling your friends, mates, etc. Show your friends Ubuntu or any of its variants and explain to them some basic features to attract them. There are tons of things you can do Smile :)

To-Do List

  1. Create New Banner for StartUbuntu Project - DONE

  2. Create some Logos and Artwork (icons and/or wallpapers) for StartUbuntu - In Progress

  3. Start communicating StartUbuntu with all Ubuntu Communities - In Progress

See Also

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