My name is Stefano Candori and I'm an italian Computer Engineering student and open-source enthusiast. I'm also an agonist swimmer and in my sparetime when I don't hack on something I play the guitar or I ride my bike. I use and promote Ubuntu from the 7.10 version.


Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

My work and interests are mostly focused on the Unity project and on Ubuntu integration with Zeitgeist.

  • Ubuntu Developer of Activity Log Manager

    Ubuntu Unity testing, bug reporting and fixing (#688407,#683466,#692444,#703411,#718185 and others) and so I was an administrator of the old Unity bitesizers team in Launchpad!

    Ubuntu Contributions to the MeMenu project (support for Emesene2 chat client).

    Ubuntu Translations

    Ubuntu Support in AskUbuntu

    Ubuntu Support in irc channels and italian forums


At the moment I'm the main developer and maintainer of Gnome Activity Journal. I'm one of the main developer behind the Zeitgeist Activity Log Manager project and I'm also an active developer of some of the Zeitgeist dataproviders. I'm a GNOME foundation member since March 2012.

Here's a list of all project i've worked for so far:

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