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I'm an Ubuntu/Debian user, sysadmin, and contributing developer. I'm an Ubuntu and Debian user, sysadmin, and developer.
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I maintain [[|a few packages]] on Debian, but am not a DD (yet). I am a [[|Debian Developer]].
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== Silly Useful Things ==

Endorsement List Generation:
{{{sponge | sed -re 's#^- https://.**\+?bugs?/([0-9]*) *$#[[\1|\1]]#' | tr '\n' ' '; echo}}}

I'm an Ubuntu and Debian user, sysadmin, and developer.

I am a Debian Developer.

I am an Ubuntu MOTU and Sponsor.

I am an upstream developer for Ibid - a horrifically-overfeatured, but easy to write plugins for, IRC/Jabber/XMPP/etc bot.

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