Steffen Dressler

Email: <>

Hi all,

I just startet my ubuntu career as laptop tester and now proudly present my results on LaptopTestingTeam/SonyVaioPCG-FR215E ! Smile :-)

To my person: I'm living in Stuttgart, Germany, and working as product manager in the automotive industry. At home, Linux is my favorite OS now for some years. I startet with SUSE Linux 5.3, which was - well - a bit a masochistically experience. After agonizing several weeks over manually editing thousands of text files I finally had a running X server and a working internet connection with my external modem on my Pentium100 system. Fortunately, Linux has improved hugely since then...

My first contact with Ubuntu was the Breezy release which really impressed me. The quality of OS installation and especially the software update/administration applications are on a level which I have never seen before on a linux distribution. Additionally, I sympathize strongly with the ubuntu community's spirit. That's why I want to contribute at least something to the further improvement of the ubuntu/kubuntu distribution!

Please feel free to contact me (on whatever Smile :-) ) - I still don't know anyone of the community!

Cheers, Steffen


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