Ubuntu CV

  • since May 2005 Ubuntu Member, Ubuntu Universe Developer, Ubuntu Core Developer
  • responsible for the wine packages in Ubuntu.
  • Kubuntu development (python-qt3 etc.)
  • May 2007 stepped back from my official Ubuntu Work
  • August 2007 restarted to work on Ubuntu, Package Merging, Security Fixes etc.



Server Projects

Swap from Gentoo 2005.0 to Ubuntu Hoary 5.04 == Done (

Python KDE BitTorrent Client

I'm writing a small and easy to use bittorrent client with python-kde3. At least, it's looking much nicer then KTorrent Wink ;)

KPyBT Project Page on Berlios

Work for Breezy

  • Working on the CXX Transition

at least, what we should do at all for breezy Smile :) Look at my buglist: shermanns buglist

Work for Dapper

  • Done a lot of package merges for Universe (MOTU Area)
  • Wine Updates, PyQT/PyKDE Updates for Kubuntu Main
  • Ubiquity source patches ( at least one )
  • Working on Scim Patches for QT (Kubuntu)

Other Involvement around Ubuntu/Kubuntu

Other stuff

  • Project Lead of Leonov - The Ultimate Launchpad Desktop Client

  • MOTU SRU Member
  • etc. pp.

Ubuntu Wiki Pages

How To Build Debian Packages From Scratch
  • Writing on a howto/walkthrough for beginners on how to package sourcepackages and playing aroung with buggy upstream software.

    You can find this at HowToBuildDebianPackagesFromScratch. (Status: Work in progress - Not finished/Not usable Version: 0.1)

Local Apt-Get Repositories for Developers
  • Wrote this little Howto (LocalAptGetRepositories) , just because I was fighting more than 18 hours with all this stuff.

Package Building

Something about me

Hello Friend,

my name is Stephan '\sh' Adig and I'm working with Linux now for over 12 years.

The Beginning

Nevertheless, Oliver Grawert(ogra), who was working with me in the same cable tv company, "forced" me to play with Ubuntu Linux. After installing my first Hoary RC1 distribution I was quite amazed. Now I'm running Ubuntu Hoary 5.04 on my beloved HP/Compaq laptop and trying to promote some new packages.


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