I, Stephen M. Webb, apply for MOTU.


Stephen M. Webb

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Who I am

I am Stephen M. Webb, also known on IRC as "bregma". I am a professional software developer by trade, I have been using free software for over 25 years and developing and maintaining GNU/Linux since 1995, including Debian and Debian-based distros since 2003 and Ubuntu since 2009.

My Ubuntu story

I spent years working at a consumer-oriented Debian-based commercial GNU/Linux distro doing server development, hardware enablement, and systems integration. As that came to an end, I moved to Ubuntu, the logical successor to the consumer-oriented GNU/Linux story. I have been employed for the last few years enabling touch in the Ubuntu desktop stack, managing and contributing to the upstreams of several key Ubuntu technologies (Compiz, Nux, Unity 7, and so forth), and trying to triage or fix the occasional bug in other desktop software. I also contribute occasionally to the Ubuntu Documentation project.

I also have a strong interest in getting games onto the GNU/Linux platform. Because there is no specific Ubuntu games team, I have become an active member of the Debian games team, bugfixing and packaging games in Debian.

My involvement

From time to time I like to scan the various bug lists looking for smaller or more interesting (to me) bugs to fix in packages I use, occasionally I find something to fix.

I idle in #ubuntu-motu, helping where I can and making the occasional humourous remark where required.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

There are other package uploads that have been sponsored for me into Ubuntu.

I have been maintaining a number of packages in Debian, primarily games and related libraries and the OIF stack.

Areas of work

I will be doing more work with Unity and the extended Ubuntu desktop experience.

I also like to package, triage, and bugfix games and related software (libraries, tools).

Things I could do better

Be more proactive about keeping on top of non-professional projects.

Plans for the future


I am interested in helping reduce the size of the sponsorship request queue, doing merges from Debian, and to help make Ubuntu a better experience. Since I have almost 10 years experience with Debian packaging, becoming a MOTU is one obvious way to doing that more effectively.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I find little to complain about.


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