Stephen Shirley

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Name: Stephen "Captain Pedantic Pants" Shirley

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Email: diamond at nonado dot net

IRC: kormat on freenode

GPG Public Key: 8622E70E

I'm a masters research student in computer science in the university of limerick.

Have been using linux since 1996, am looking to help out in the Universe section of ubuntu.

I'm mainly looking at packages on amd64, but also have access to i386 and ppc.

I'm interested in working on kerberos integration, it'd be nice to get patches like this added. Also a libpam-krb5-migrate package would be very nice to have. Kaimon mentioned it would be good if i could help the kickstart team with kerberos integration, which i'd love to do, assuming i am qualified ,-)

I'd also like to work on pam to enable a more flexible approach to auth, i.e. different auth based on user/group/other criteria, so that say root can have really stringent auth, normal users have less strict auth methods, etc.

Packages awaiting review

Packages fixed


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